Wednesday, December 07, 2005


yup my title says it all.. i'm really bored here at home!

yesterday woke up at 9 den v all went to pick my grandpa's bones.. haha.. den came back i slept 4 a while.. den off to church to go pick up nasi lemak from charis sis cuz she forgot to bring it down from da car! so after picking up our nasi lemak went to charlene's house.. den v eat eat eat n eat.. after dat she got tution so me n charis watched tv! her lil sister is so cute..after her tution finish v went to play DDR! play until v siau d.. n chairs dance so cute.. but too bad me n charlene's cam cam no battery d.. vain too much.. haha.. so after playing hungry again.. n charis mum bought 4 us 5 BOXES of nasi lemak.. n we were like cannot finish la.. but in the end v ate all! i go charlene's house can beecome fat k!! so ppl who wanna become faT.. PLEEZE go to charlene's house.. kekekeke..
after our dinner.. misS Ow wanted to watch a scarry movie.. so v went up to charlene's parents room n watch.. n brought loads of food up.. haha.. n da almost da whole show v closed our eus n hide behind da balnket.. haha.. so funny.. n charlene keep on laughing.. n half way da show i had to go back cuz had piano tomolo.. n charis stayed.. n when i went back.. my luvly hotdog came n i din get to eat.. haha.. dat's all..

today woke up n den go 4 piano.. n guess wat me n zhu lian played a duet n we all are playing our own thing.. never follow one.. den our teacher ask our play mozart v say we will destroy his lovey piece.. haha.. den come home change shirt n off to one stop to buy my aunties things.. den went to do smth n off to gurney plaza.. my aunties did christmas shopping so did i.. some onli la.. den i lazy to buy d.. we walk here n there to find prezzzie 4 my mom! den went to meet up with charis n gary.. den walk with them 4 awhlie cuz had to go home.. n gary's phone so nice.. i'm gonna take it. heheheh.. den went to buy buns to eat in da car.. after dat went to eat laksa.. n i came home n straight away went to my bed n sleep.. so tired.. slept until 10 smth.. i even missed dinner.. den wake up eat supper! n now on da computer!!

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