Friday, December 09, 2005

__a DAy Out 4 DA girLs-

today weNt juSt da GirlS wenT out!!
miN miN.. iMin.. jasMine.. michele n me.. it waz so fun!
so min min waz suppose to fetch us at 12.. n guess wat time i woke up?
12.15! hahaha.. den i waz like die d la.. how ar how ar.. ma faster sms imin.. tell her i juz woke up n u noe wat she reply me?
" u and jas har.. da same one"
n i waz like "pheW" at least i'm not gonna be late.. haha..
den v reach there went to eat BreeKS! [dun ever eaT there AGAIN!]
da spaghetti me n imin ate waz so watery..
after v ate so MUCH! went to PLay DDr!!! waz so much FUN!!! i luv it noW..
afTer DDr v went sHOpping.. me n imin bought shoRts from FOS.. n me n imin vain in da fitting room cuz v got camera! haha.. too bad u guys.. :P
den me, michele n imin went to buy susHI.. n on da way out v met yan.. ming n her mom..
after into da ciNema v go! NarNIa waz nice! so fReezing COld!
n this imin beside me summore keep on "temptaions.. temptations.. temptations"
den v went to have hotdog as our din din.. vain n den v siau in da car!
*if u all wanna c da video come find me.. u will laugh until like siau!

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