Sunday, December 11, 2005


yup yup yup.. i'm excited!! u noe y? i bet all of u are.. cuz youth camp Is tomolo!!! yay yay..
i'm really excited cuz it's also my first time at youth camp.. cant wait..
will be busy busy busy.. doing wat? spending time, chatting n really getting to know more bout gOd! during this 5 days.. so dun kacau me k.. haha..

guess wat i did today again? i went to watch NARNIA.. [again] with my school fwens.. it happened again.. my fwen said she waz comin at 10.45 n i woke up at 10.40.. hahaha.. but luckily she also come late.. or not i cham d la.. malu onli.. let ppl wait 4 me..
after went to collect our tickets.. v went to eat lunch.. at dunno where la.. n v finish eating our lunch at 12.05 n our show waz at 12.10.. haha.. summore v all wanna buy popcorn! den met Ju, sarah,samuel,justin n yan there.. but no time to talk d la.. so faster went in to cinema.. haha.. after finish v went shopping!! bought 2 tops.. *mummy i noe more money d.. haha..* den after dat my other fwen went home went to meet up with ju they all at sushi king n zhu lian went out with dunno who la.. haha.. after dat went home den went to have my mom's birthday dinner cuz i'm not here d ma on monday! den after dat went to sleep!!

woke up went 4 JYB after dat follow yan home den v baked cookies.. den went to north 4 choir practice.. after dat went to drink coffee been n KFC.. met gary there
*da joke of da day*
-leroy he siau d u noe da hot choc got da stirrer one rite?? leroy waz trying to drink from it.. hahaha.. den we were like huh? wat is leroy doing.. hahahahaha..-
aiya daniel u shouldn't have told him.. let him try.. haha..
den daniel took us to church... no bible class today so we all talk talk talk n talk until 7.30.. keng hor!! today's worship waz really great!! but i bet youth camp will be better.. so guys let's prepare our hearts 4 youth camp! after dat take picture.. den went to eat at khallel [dunno la] with min min, imin,evelyn, jamine,livia n gerlad.. gary n charis! u ppK us.. haha.. make livia get lost.. kekekeke.. went home n den sleep!

woke up late.. ahahahaha.. i waz so blur today morning k! i put my arlam at 8 cuz i taut got bible class still.. den i say nvm la.. mummy will come call me later one la.. so i sleep den i woke up 9 d.. den i think eh mummy never call me yet nvm la.. den jas called me.. n she ask me u still got bible class ar? n i waz so blur i say ya la.. hahaha.. den i think eh y so late d one if got bible class today.. haha.. siau d!!
ok today after service went to eat lunch.. with u-dia, eunice, chiu yen, debbo, jon teoh, leroy, jas, livia n victor.. hahahaha.. v ate at ben's diner..
den come home.. n now packing bag 4 youth camp!

~c ya tomolo guys!!!!~

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