Friday, December 02, 2005

iN memory of my bEloveD grAndpa!

my gandpa a man dat i really really loved!! he was more like a best fwen to me.. n on tuesday 30/11/05 at 2.15 he left this world n went up to a better place which he deserves more!! no more pain n suffering..
really my grandpa waz a great guy!! i'm really glad dat he accept jesus as his personal lord n savoiur b4 he left.. he been a great bellsing to me my family n others!!! wish ppl had a great granpa like mine!

i remember all those times when i wan small he used to take me go 4 swimming lessons when my mom couldnt take me n after dat v will always go n eat hokkien mee.. n he always relaxing on his fav chair den after da his children started sitting on it now his gand children! hehe.. n last time i used to bathe him n guess wat from dat i can get money one k.. 2 days RM1.. hehehe.. n when he gets his allowence i will get mine too.. having fun with him.. telling all da jokes..
n he is a guy who can really keep his temper.. i dun think he ever gets mad..

missing him veri much now!!!! but one day v will meet again!!!
luv ya kong kong!! muakx....

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