Saturday, December 24, 2005

oPera feST and caRoLing..

ahhh.. opera fest day!!! one word to say..

today da youths went caroling.. it waz a last minute thing.. but thanx god everything went smoothly.. it waz really great!! had loads of fun doing these types of things..
but da onli suffering thing is that v girls had to walk in our heels.. haha..
so i woke up den waited 4 ming to come fetch me go church.. after dat practice a little while eat lunch n off v go.. so me joyce, charlene n yan sat in uncle peter's car.. so nice k.. onli da 4 of us sat inside it.. pity the others had to squeeze.. haha..
so v went to da childrens hospital. old folks homes.. all that la..
dat's all bout my update!!
u will c more pictures!!

~feeling lazy to update ~

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