Tuesday, March 14, 2006

reUnited once aGain! *awwwww*

yup yup.. it's so happy to be reunited once again.. [ + charlene ]
min min, imin, jasmine, michele!! i miss u girls so muchie.. so long never go out d.. since last year december!!

SPM-ers.. cOngrats in ur rEsults!!! now ya all make me stress onli.. c u all so clever.. ehehehehe... nwy remember whatever results ya all got.. always give thanks to god!!

so today jasmine came to fetch me at 1.. den fetch mich n char.. met min min n imin at gurney!! den u noe v all were feeling veri rich n went to eat in Sushi king.. hehehe.. den shop shop shop.. but din buy anything.. it's seems to more like vain vain vain..
u noe rite.. wherever imin is.. there is a camera!! kekekeke... v wanted to watch show one.. but then da movies all so late one.. so din watch la.. my leg pain d la.. walk da whole day in gurney.. well almost.. went to coffee been to vain again.. it's just so nice.. to take pictures there.. dun ask me y??
den after dat v went out of gurney to eat PANCAKES!!!! so yummy.. but we went there so early n da shop wasn't open yet.. so went to kia kia.. saw jas new house.. so nice la!! when ya come back.. v go n crash ur house k!! ;)
after comin back one whole big round.. da shop was open.. but they were not ready.. so we just sat inside la.. n talk talk talk talk n take picutres.. i tell u.. everybody got their own camera.. haha.. so waited until 7 den can order food!!! so yummy...
after eating went to walk to gurney hotel.. so tiring.. den dirive back to gurney plaza.. after dat min min took all of us home!!
u noe wat.. i've been eating da whole daY!!! come back summore eat supper with my mom n dad.. haih..

dat's all bout my day la...

JASMINE!!! i will miss ya when ya go 4 NS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nobody to take me back home d.. no more lunch 4 me on sundays d.. hehehe.. will definatly miss ya siau-ness! ;)
*SARAh thUm!! faSteR dRive* hint hint.. hehe..

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