Monday, March 20, 2006


another 1 week holiday passing by.. haih...
can u imagine.. Pmr is just round da conner!! ahhhhhh.....
so during da holidays went 4 leadership retreat in a. cheng see's other house!
it's waz fun sleeping in da same room with 7 MAD girls!! hahahaha...
>> saRAh, vanessa, joyce, Hannah, ming yen, vivian n shiau XiaN! <<
at night all of us cannot sleep cuz of JOyce contagious laughter.. kekekekekeke...

haih.. 3 days in camp passes so FAST!! den on fri v planned sat youth!
n on dat night.. joyce waz trying to write da script.. u think can not? in da room with us.. den da next morning everybody cannot wake up.. hahahaha..
stayed in church from 2 smth to at night..
went to eat supper opposite church AGAIN!!!
den crash vivian's house.. i waz so tired.. half way watching pink panther i slept! hahahaha..
den went to bed d.. next morning i couldn't wake up.. kekekeke..
vivian ask me wake up.. i say u go bathe first la.. den she say no v eat first.. den she went down.. i waz still sleeping.. hehe ;)
went to north next morning!

dat's all bout my update.. no idea wat to write d..

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