Monday, April 24, 2006

Update n Past Pictures!

well well well.. here come an u-p-d-a-t-e again! :)
Wow today just me n my aunt went to eat in da ship to for her birthday dinner!! my dad chia-ed us but too bad he can't go.. cuz just came back from hospital must get loads of rest!!
it waz so so so so so delecious.. it waz so long since i've been there.. actually today got nth much.. just after church me, dan, justin, ju n zoe went to eat at MC'd!! my gosh! so full... n come home u noe wat v all lazy bums do?? SLEEP la.. wat else.. rite sarah? haha..

bout yestrday.. hhmmm.. oh yea in d morning i got up at 8 den had to go to d guides HQ to learn how to do d kraf tangan to teach d lil brownies next week.. n u noe our teacher taught us n we were arleady so pening.. imagine next week.. i think v are goin to ask them to teach us lerr... but it waz fun.. v did a keychain with ribbons n a beetle with beeds.. do until eyes pop out.. hehe..
come home n u wat... not sleep la k.. hehe.. sTudy.. or not at night no need go youth d.. youth waz fun.. d campus ppl lead us.. n v acted silly things! haha..
oh yea after dat me, sarah, van, jus, ju n sam went to "celebrate" justin's last day at youth.. well cannot say celebrate lerr.. hehe.. v couldn't decide wat to eat.. first went to Mc'd but there were too many babies, den tesco too many cars wanted to eat at e-gate but everything close except starbcks lerr.. n finally v decided to eat in Khallel.. hehe.. n of cuz got me, sarah n van there.. v all vAIn!! but remember *vain ppl cannot go heaven onli LAme ppl* rite uncle philip? haha..
after all our eating n vain-ing sepuas-puasnya! v all went home too sleep n become a khun tu! haha.. ;)

dat's all lerr bout my update.. pictures on our "celebration" or should i say cole,van n sarah's night.. will be comin up soon lerr.. not now i lazy.. hehe.. but some past pic are down there.. enjOy!! :)


me n my dearest!! lurviie this girl loads n loads.. thanx god for putting her into my life! mwahx..

lil sis n me.. this pic is juz so chun la.. d two of us summore sit same position! so nice..

yaN : rOy : cOle.. - big bwO n lil sis's! -

us = happiee Family.. ehehehehehe.. lurviiee them!

mr lazy bum n miss sleepy head!! ;) i think it runs in d family.. hehe..

a gr8 gurl!! thanx for eveything.. huggies


after a veri veri veri freezing cold day in youth!! went to eat opposite AGAIN! hehe..

me dwinkkkk..

ju n james.. they have offically become vain pots! haha..

me n my bestiex zhu lian! during d disney On ice!!

oh d stage in PISa b4 all da sk8ers come out.. it waz so nice lerr! i took video's.. curi curi one.. noti noti..


me n bAbian!!

i lurviie them lots!! char char : me : dear..

jO n me.. miss makeup artist.. hehe

c la v all girls.. during ppl playing n performing summore can take picture so nice!

from jer's phone!! nice rite? of cuz i'm in it.. *wink wink*

i think this waz d last pic of d night b4 i went home.. i mean with fwens lerr.. cuz i went home n vain summore.. haha..

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