Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blessed Christmas 06'

CHRISTMAS EVE - in church
d night b4 so hard for me to sleep k cuz of my hair. ish-ness. haha.. but i manged to sleep la. thx god. den got up for chuch. n my grandma cooked bi ko moi again!! yummy. i helped tasted it. hahaha.. n as usual d south zoner vained!! more pic with u-dia n lydia.. will post it up when i get it. :)

v were posing like last year again. love my ko's!

d one on d far left is obviously d vainest d. hahaha..


me n my apple crumble baker. HUGS!

after i came back from church ate lunch den went to sleep d. cuz was so tired! n vivian was suppose to fetch me at 7 make me rush like mad to finish yan's card. ehehehe.. but mana tau at only they left thier house. ish ish.. hehe.. so after dat ian came to fetch me den went to fetch u-dia. he n jud can shake hands d how they drive. so scarry i tell u!! ish. den reched yan's hse den v EAT EAT EAT!! n van was so happy when she saw her jelly. haha.. "like heaven" :) it was really FUN! i stayed until 12.30 a.m.. n yes v did take lots of pictures. d 4 of us. vivian has it. hahaha.. so siau le v all!

siau po's!

well d whole night was sort of fun.. hehehe.. in d morning went for drama den me n yan went to do our hair. aisheh. so nice k.. den went to gurney to do last min christmas shopping. met up with min min, imin, jasmine, charlene, evelyn, ju, james, sarah, van, sam, justin.. aiyo so many ppl.. hehehe. den came home n wrap prezzies all that n off to church. den go church summore gotta to things. aihhh.. so tiring nia. den was so hungry. so went out to eat n i ate a lot. hahaha.. took lots of pic dat night. yea yea. pic with van n yan. some le.. thx to my camera which decided to get sick this time. ish-ness. well dun wan to tok so much. pics say much more. :)

everybody looked so nice n white!!!!! love ya my sista's!

ju n me!! n excuse me i do not look like toby. ish ish.

happy family. mummy n daughters!! love them!

"Dr" Gary. mummy mich n me.

craziness. lik mother like daughter.

me n ju again!!! thx for d choc's ju! hugs.

gerlad soon n me.

dun ask me wad were d guys doing.. hehehe..

imin. justin. nicole!!! form 3's!

girls!! i miss them.

:) it's gonna be christmas soon!

love this pic.

trying to be seductive. hahaha.. but me n evelyn kept laughing.

so long since i've met all of them!!!!!

i love my chritsmas!!!!!!
oh yea n a few of d younger youth went for mission trip in pengkalan hulu. will update soon. n tomorrow i RESUTLS day. i think i'm gonna die n not gonna sleep tonite d. gd luck to d other form 3's!!!

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