Saturday, December 15, 2007

australia trip

hello people.. i know ya`ll wondering why i didn't update for so long..
reason : you`ll find out soon..
but as promised here's my update from the land down under..

as i grow older i really hate taking planes to go somewhere..
i din even get to sleep on the plane and when i reached there i taught i could get some cool fresh air.. mana tau it was like so freaking HOT.. thank god i din wear long sleeve.. i could have jus died on the spot.. haha..

; my two darlin`s i couldn't wait to see!

i went back to my aunt`s place and slept the whole morning until my cousin`s came in the afternoon.. at night went for cousin's friend's birthday party.. lol. stayed at my cousin's place and she got me addicted to heroes! i know.. jus when everybody finished watching i'm jus starting.. lol. blame my cousin wei!

; it was so hard to adjust to the time difference
- which was 3 hours ahead!

the next day i practically went shopping the whole day.. and can i say it was the most successful shopping i`ve ever done the whole week i was there! haha. and i ate yummy dinner at night with aunt and friends.

i had to like wake up super early today and follow my aunt marketing.. gudness! i could have jus slept at home! ishkk. but the market there isn`t like here mind u all! haha..

; Fairy Floss

; and this was my manicure i did b4 going

and then the next day was a very terrible day.. all because my of cousin whom had to take her graduation photo`s, we had to go down to the city. and it was not a very nice trip down there..
everybody was such a grump that day. u should see the looks on our faces wei!

* the sun was amazingly HOT
* parking was such a fuss
* a lot of walking required
* shopped but there was nothing to buy
* aussie cab drivers are a pain in the ASS!

; my lovely cousins!
- alike much? duh!

; and this was us 2 years ago! haha..
- i look way disgusting! haha

well all of us came back home angry and we went to sleep! thank gudness at night while sending my cousin back to her apartment we got to eat :
GELATI! -aussie`s MUST EAT ice cream.
&& i went walking around the city buying ice cream in my PJ's!! gudness! thank god i have nice one`s on me. haha.

; in the car while waiting for those SLOW people

we all stayed home and took a break the next day.. i was nice!
&& i`ve learned to be a pro "tauge peeler" when i went there.. some kind of holiday! i did more work there than i did back home.. hahaha!

and on my last day there.. i woke up like so late! haha.. den i eat my lunch which was :

; lasagna

went to office works to get some stuff for the house and came home lazed around..

; painted my nails RED!

- from pancake parlor.. u must eat there too! and order alice in wonderland surprise! wonderful

and while i was there i found a new game that i so syiok to play..
nintendo Wii! it`s really so darn fun to play.. hahaha..
christmas is coming.. lol!

; and this time i did NOT drop the ball off the table! haha..

and at night my cousin and his girlfriend took me to the airport.
she chia-ed me coffee! oh how sweet.. and they were forced to stay with me in the airport until i went in! hahaha.
thanks so much u 2!!!

&& i was so happy when i reached home..
seriously! i straight went to SLEEP! haha..

dat`s all for one night! i`ll tell u my reason for not updating for so long soon!
till then.. stay tune..

much love ;

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