Friday, January 16, 2009

Blogging from NS?

No, not really actually.
In efforts to keep Nicole's blog alive, she's asked me to update all of her still (hopefully) faithful readers on how she's been serving her country in Langkawi.
Nicole is currently enjoying herself so much there that she has decided to stay and fulfill her 3-month long service.
So to those of you who were awaiting her return...well, just keep waiting.
But don't fret!
She'll be back on holiday on the 24th of January and has requested that you mark your calendars for next Saturday and onwards till Chinese New Year to make time for her :)
Do not be shocked if you do not recognize her for as she has told me,
"I look like a Malay de k. You know how dark i am? 2 colours d! Some more I all mosquito bites."
Now, I am not really sure how having mosquito bites can have you looking like a Malay but oh well. It IS Nicole after all. Being the dumb boob she is, anything goes ;) Hahaha.
No offense to ANY Malays that might have stumbled upon this dying blog and read the comment on Malays. Nicole is just being Nicole. Heh.
I know that Nicole has said that she'd be coming back and going to college in the February intake but now that she's thoroughly having fun in NS, she'll be entering college in the July intake which would give her about 3 months to work, laze around, sleep, have fun, laze around and sleep even more.
If you'd like to talk to her, feel free to send a text message or two to her number. Or better yet, give her a call.
Trainees were given their phones back a day early yesterday as a reward for "good behaviour" during their Majlis Pembukaan and she'll be having it with her till Sunday.
So, keep her company and text her!
Glad that she's finally enjoying herself there, she knows, we all miss her (:
Keep her in your prayers, everyone!

Just in case you've forgotten how Nicole looks, here's a picture to refresh your memory and to show you how she (used to maybe) look like.
Just picture her darker and coupled with lots of red spots everywhere :P

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