Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost and Found

it's all right, it's ok!


has started!

and i've glued my butt to the tv from :
1 p.m & 7 p.m
depending on who's playing though!

my favourite korean player whom i get to watch almost every day :
darn handsome right? aahhh. so in with him again!

stupid astro have yet to show my CHINA team on TV!

darn lousy ok! making me angry. twice already they didn't want to show!
ARGHH! -.-"


I talked with my baby elena on skype. damn canggih! it's much better than msn.
trust me :)

& she's is so so so so so adorable. she loves to move around. can't sit still for a moment.
I need to go down to KL and visit her!

♫♪ Happy Birthday to my darling ♫♪

see! all smiles. she's damn happy to see me! HAHA!

such a lucky baby to get so many nice toys!
awwww, she's all grown up! SO FAST!


got a call from ps. victor at 12 smth. thank god I was not in dream land and was able to actually answer the phone. as you all know my phone DIED and i don't have any contacts left so i was doubting to answer it but luckily I did!

somebody went to church and gave my purse back :

i know it looks freaking DISGUSTING!

the INSDE,

i got all my cards back.
  • finally can go and eat SUSHI KING
  • use my STUDENT CARD for the movies
  • get my POPULAR discount
and the rest are of no use anymore! i have two driving license now! one for each car? :)


after that I so badly wanted to eat laksa but both the shops I wanted to eat from were closed -.-" so we ended up @ NWP eating :

I was so angry at how it came out & i kept complaining the whole time i was eating!
I was practically driking syrup soup!

a day we all planned to go to :


chiew wen . zhu lian . melanie . nicole . kelvin

I had loads of fun. met up at mel's apartment and kelvin drove us all the was to batu F. beach and we all decided to play jet ski. LOL! I sat with zhu lian and we screamed like mad on that thing cause we were first timers!
  • "ehhhhhhh, nicole tan! are u there!? HOLD ME TIGHTLY YOU KNOWWWWW!!!"
  • "AAAHHHHHHH!!!! don't go so fast wei! stop PRESSINGGGG!!!!"
i think everybody in the beach could hear us both!

i couldn't go down to the beach and get totally wet so I had to hold the towel for them! :)

see the beach is so NICE!

she didn't wanna get wet to :

so we PIG-ed out! zhu lian brought so much food!
but we still finished it all :)

and, there were these CRAZY humans who just wanna have fun :

don't ever ask me what in the world was he trying to do!
total MAD-ness!

they just sat there waiting for the waves playing some game


she was totally drenched!
really like a siau cha bo! my girlf! -.-"

no kidding! we're all taking accounting :)

and we also did the "oh-so-famous-JUMP" shots

our failed attempts in doing in! it was for sure an LOL moment :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! i love this shot the most!

and finally, we actually did it!

the ever lovely couple!
i took this shot! they were pretending to be angry at each other?

this jump shot of both of them ended up badly!
she knocked his head and he knocked her back!
OUCH* scared us for a moment

after that they went to wash up. i was not wet so I didn't. the toilet was freaking disgusting ok. totally worse than my NS! :)

went for dinner @ Ananda's!

it was so darn yummy cause all of us were so hungry! we could almost faint i tell you!

i had a superb time with them people!
next outing to come soon ok! :)

that's all for my update!
tell me i'm AWESOME! HAHA! :)
college life starts in 4 more days! -.-

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