Tuesday, June 23, 2009

finally a change!


it truly is!
even if my favourite's aren't playing!

spent my time in front of the TV on Sunday afternoon watching Indonesia open! I was sad that cai yun/fu haifeng LOST! :( but still, I love them! best men's doubles pairing of all time!

after a whole month
they decided on approving on zhu lian's class transfer to mine! thank god i have her now that my friend is leaving me! :( yes, I'm sad that she's going! DARN!

gone la, we're so gonna spam each others phones with our faces soon!
wait till i get my camera! LOL!

yes, this is KELLY!
and she's leaving me to go to zhu lian's ex class because she forgot to cancel her request to change class!
oh, we were doing our lame ass hubungan etnik work!

yes people, I'm that hardworking! LOL!
told you people love to stalk me! :D

and then, it STARTS from here!
we were darn bored in class and our QS teacher was talking super fast! haha

it rained cats and dogs today and we were hoping there was no handball in the afternoon BUT, they did mention that either rain or shine we had to be there ! -.- came back and quickly got my nap! it was still cold. when i woke up, guess what? Mr. SUN decided to come out! so much for hoping for a cloudy day!

we played from 4.30-7.30p.m and then again 8-10p.m for our 2 hours practical!
I was too tired after that to do anything!
went to 7 11 for break! HAHA!

but here i am sitting in front of my computer who was supposed to do my work but there was nothing in my pendrive! so, i kindly update my blog for you people!
there was definitely LOL moments today! :)

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