Sunday, June 07, 2009

round my little penang island

it was another tiring Saturday! :)
BUT, it was fun with my girlf.

got up like super early. if you count 9 a.m's on Saturday's early. yea that is to me! the plan was that me and zhu lian were supposed to go to the library for our assignments.. and guess what? we drove all the way there to realize that today was a public holiday! so much for being good girls to go study today!

as the both of us didn't want to go home or go to gurney so early, we decided to go round our little island. ended up in batu ferengghi and we just kept going until we reached teluk bahang! LOL! driving aimlessly.

ended up in :

we actually wanted to eat lunch there but, we had to pay like admission fee and also our lunch! no need! so we just walked in and went out again! HAHAHAH! told you we had nothing to do. and I didn't wanna go in cause i knew i would get thousands of mozzy bites and i didn't put any repellent. so it's a confirmed NO!

will go there with my college buddies soon. when we're FREE! we like planned on so many places to go already. HAHA!

continued driving around like mad people sweating due to the amazingly HOT weather we have here in Malaysia! -.-"

oh, we were so called doing our "project" :) so we went to visit all these places. LOL!

next stop was :

it was like at the end of the world already! and when we reached there we just went down to check the place out. another place to come. go for the canopy walk! we didn't go cause it was like the both of us only. wait till i get my PINK CANON IXUS and we'll come with more people! :)

the jetty where boats headed up to various island!

we should go to pantai kerachut!
or monkey beach!
I'm too lazy to hike there. hahaha!
oh it's so ME!


u-turned back and we didn't even go back yet OK.
went up to :

we actually wanted to go in and it's cheaper for mycard holders. it's RM10! but oh well, too lazy again! and there was like a lot of people! saw miss lee there. LOL! so yet again we just took pictures

♪♫ .... i promise you there will come a day, BUTTERFLY FLY AWAY ♫♪
oh it's so Hannah Montana! :)
go listen to the song. it's nice!

love nature? :)
well I DO! i think GOD is so awesome to create such things!

US again :

the last time I came here was when I was little! I can't even remember!
i need to refresh my memory. so we should come here. HAHA!

wanted to go to the dam and fruit farm but was too lazy.. it was too HOT until i didn't know what i was talking about you know. and zhu lian was blur too :

nicole : eh, if we go up summore we reach ITAM DAM already
zhu lian : oh yea lo...

*after a few seconds*

nicole : WAIT! DID I JUST SAY ITAM DAM? -.-"
zhu lian : OMG! YES U DID! HAHAHAHA!

it was really and LOL moment. we just started laughing like mad in the car.
this is what the heat does to your brains! :)

then, we got hungry and zhu lian was yearning for her fried sotong! went back to the round about and turned in some kampung area, but unfortunately for us, the shop was closed! like heck? haha. we we turned back and guess who we met there! LOL! our college lecturer : MR MUTHU! we were like!"WHAT?! of all places to meet him, we met him here when we were going to turn back -.- "

first was ms. lee now him! what a day. and we were like not in our area also. haha! so we finally went back to tg. bungah to have our lunch at the seafood place opposite naza hotel. or somewhere around there. it was all because she wanted to fried sotong!

we ordered like ALOT! it's always like that when I'm out with her!

fried sotong . fried rice . some egg dish thing . chai ta

sorry we were TOO HUNGRY until we forgot to take a picture. LOL!
can u imagine the two of us eating 4 dishes and we :

we were so scared we couldn't finish but who knows, we were so tham chiak!

i know we're pigs! I'm sorry you people had to know us! HAHAHAH! :)

next was gurney plaza!
it was so frustrating trying to find a parking lot! i think we went like about 10 rounds before we finally found a parking! gosh! we started screaming in the car when we found a parking space. like damn happy! :D

too many people in gurney plaza cause there was this switch world fair going on plus the auction which we went for. but it didn't start until 3.45 p.m so we went to :

SWITCH ; new wing
to hang out! LOL

I think it's like our second home there already. it was closed but kelvin was there so yea we just sat on the chair doing nothing! HAHA! waited for the auction and helped him out to but his Sony cybershot camera. he even gave us his credit card. me and zhu lian wanted to go shopping with it already. HAHA!

It was fun yet tiring being at the auction. LOL! thank god we met Tun Way there to help us out. or i bet u nobody would have seen me and zhu lian's hands raised up! the camera was bid up until RM680 which the original price was RM850. but nah, we didn't win it. we only did up until RM600! :)

on the way back at my area
the clouds perfectly blocked the sun.

i always have enjoy myself with my girlf!
more random outing to come soon




last Friday,
me, cheryl, jocelyn + yi lin went to :


[edited pictures courtesy to elmo ng]

all smiles! :)
we ate like pigs again!

jocelyn kept cooking her ham which never even comes to my plate!
yi lin was busy with the soup making sure everything doesn't over cook
and elmo who didn't want to eat was tempted and she ate in the end!
I being the awesome one, sat there and did nothing but EAT! HAHA!

i only meet her like every friday and saturday now that's she in aimst!
darn you uni, steal her away from me! haha!

don't SMS and eat ok!
don't learn that :)

the thing I love about the place it,
my yummy pencil ice cream!
and you can take as many as you want!! :)
HEAVEN! haha

back to the past.
i remember when i was in primary eating this 40 cents ice cream!
don't ask me what are those words pls!

more pictures are with her, she hasn't sent them to me yet!
i'm still waiting!

that is why i need my own camera!

my current addiction :


java chip
choc cream chip
mango passion fruit
signature hot choc [caramel]


take care poeple!
yet another week of college soon to come
there, i've updated!

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