Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm bored,

so i kindly update for you people,

went to tesco with my mummy yesterday and bought back,

PEPPERMINT ice cream!

oh, my favourite!
well, i was craving for it. you cannot blame me!


YEAR 2005 & 2009
like WOAH*

we did exactly the same pose in the same position!
like Charis said, "CREEPYYYY"

these GILA people [ Joyce + Andrew ] came to my house on Tuesday because they had nothing to do and disturbed me from studying!
and I had my test the next day, so SMART!

college life has been the same,
my college is having their Chinese valentine's week and blood donation week.
i chickened out on blood donation and still waiting for someone to give me a valentine's present. JOKES* hahahaha,

went for lunch on Monday with Sam @ PSC,

we got lost on the way to his house, and she just stopped the car half way up the hill + jungle look alike place because she was too scared to drive. LOL!

was always do sampat things!

socks walked in the class holding our food, not knowing teacher was in front.
so nicely walking in with our pao's and curry puff! HAHA!

i love these girls, CGL has produced wonderfull students like US! haha

and during break time, venne stacked up our books and we took pictures!
next time we said we wanna have photoshoot and bring the tripod when i get my LUMIX!

we were like darn scared teacher was looking at us!

more updates to come soon!

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