Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mei's pre-18th birthday!

FINALLY got her slurpee she's been craving for,
for months!

it was after handball practice when we decided to stop for lollies
and I TER-spit it out in the girlf's car thanks to the both of them!
so it's totally not my fault! :D

came back straight after class and practically slept the whole afternoon until samC. said he was "on the way already". and i totally knew I couldn't trust them so i took my time to shower and get ready to head over to yan's condo.

darn, I'm smart enough. I waited long enough for them to show up and picked me up :D followed Sam, and guided them SESAT people to the condo. my sense of direction ain't that bad lahhh.

first things first,

Mei, don't worry it's fun being LEGAL!
thank you for everything :)
you're already going back so fast and we didn't even have time to hang yet!
be who you are and trust god in everything okay.
you lots!


i was pissed at the ball for not going into the hole when it was so darn close!
Nicole likes this

Tim, always like that one lah.
syiok sendiri with his height! :D
my two little people. and I'm the littlest! LOL

and that's what doors and pool table's are for!


my pretty mei,
we're all LEGAL now.
wait for joyce and justin! my gosh, they're taking forever!

dreaming away as usual :)
that's so ME!

who went
- it was so hard to even get a decent group picture!

thank you Andrew for fetching me back!
at the traffic light met charis and james :)

i had a great night with them people playing pool, chubby bunny-ing, laughing, cam whoring, catching up, eating melted ice cream!

i went home and feel sick all over again! PFFTTTT!

on WEBBIE with tim some random day!

i don't have as many pictures as last time.

i will try to keep this blog as updated :D


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