Sunday, July 12, 2009

raindrops are falling on my head

it's been raining all day, and I liked it! :D

I've decided to update my blog to keep it alive as it's going to rot soon!

i need a new camera ASAP,
my 2.0 mega pixels phone camera isn't good enough.
and it's irritating me!

parents are giving me a headache into choosing which one to buy,
when it's so obvious that they want me to get :
  • Lumix DMC-FS7

and I on the other hand have always wanted to get my
  • Canon IXUS 95is

it's been ages ago when i asked them to buy and they did agree at first, but they just had to burst my bubble and ask me to buy something cheaper and what they like.
-.- gah, why do parents always have to be like that!
  • my camera has to be PINK.
I'm just going to SHUT UP!

spent half of my day with eating!
woke up darn early, because of:

this BABI's birthday!

went to eat dim sum opposite KDU to celebrate her birthday with

Woan Shing + Socks

and the awesome duo.
which she practically spent half the day with us :D
darn venne, you're one lucky birthday girl! HAHA!

as usual, we ate like pigs!
when I say that, I really mean alot. it's always like that when i go out with them. gosh!

- thank god for self-timers

Then, woan shing and socks had to leave for socks dental appointment to pluck out her teeth! OUCH* and the 3 of us had nothing to do and it was too early to go to college so we decided on crashing KDU. haha.

called su quin to come out of class just to meet us and she did!
AWWWW. yes, she sneaked out of class for us
and brought us around.

called SAM C. to come out of class too just to meet up. LOL :D

and these's babi's so excited that KDU's lift was darn big compared to our pathetic one at TARC.
"nicoleeee. take picture of us in the big lift"

su quin went back to class, and we just walked around the college and went back after that!

i liked this thing they had there! :D

went back just in time for classes, and venne crashed our English class again. thank to her, who shouted my name so loud I had to do my role play which I had no idea on what I was speaking. pls let the grades come out well! :D

had only 1 class today and since we were still so full from dim sum, we went to gurney for awhile. we had no money to shop so it was safe! HAHA!

after that, venne kept complaining she was hungry already so we drove all the way to passion's for banana leaf. and we got lost because we didn't exactly knew where it was. hahahaha! we parked to car and walked out to realize it was the wrong shop! DARN! it was just the next street :D

went to Mod-Em at night, because I wanted to follow jud to fetch joyce from her prom @ ENO. andrew, you did a great job sharing! :D

had bak kut teh for supper @ green house and it just had to rain so heavily when we wanted to leave. we sat there for so long until we decided to actually try and go home!

Joyce : "i think I'm under dressed"
I'm sure you were for a coffee shop! :D

the 3 girls.
and joyce had to ruin the picture! -.-

was totally drenched that night.
as in full body drenched! it was like bathing under the rain.

went to visit yan as I didn't wanna go home yet :D
- thank you for giving us dry towlesssss!

LECTURE TIME is feasting time!
we had chipsmore and bites today
now a days rocky is too darn expensive to buy!

that is why we always sit right on top!
who says lectures are boring?
it's them people that you're with that makes it fun!

that babi just loves to draw,
"eh nicole, come let me draw your face"

i'm obsessed over KAYA PAO and TI KUIH!
pls buy for me :D

we're totally cutting down on taking pictures.
is that a good thing?
well, i hope so! HAHA!


went to play L4D with them,
lol. don't ever go here. i can't even remember the place named bacuse it was darn sucky!

i realised the both of us haven't taken many pictures yet this year
and we don't even see each other that much

the group.

darn we're cute
have fun at National Service, i'm sure you will! :D

justin the botak now has hair! :D

i wanna go to the beach again!!!!!

yes, she put sand on kelvin's hair. haha!

anyone up for bowling?
pls take me along! HAHA!


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