Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a longgggg update,

since i haven't been updating so often,
here's a long update filled with pictures for you people.

I'm sorry if your eyes get sore. LOL

oh oh,



have just finished,

China totally dominated the whole competition and won 4/5 titles,
they really are the great wall of china.

Jocelyn came over to my place and we watched it together,

and obviously, Lin Dan won. the last championship point was darn anti climax, PFFFT*
thanks to Chen jin who just had to serve it out!

&& he goes down in the history for winning 3 World Championship Titles in a row,
2006 - Madrid
2007 - Malaysia
2008 - OLYMPICS ; China
2009 - India

and you wonder how can someone be that good! :D

Match Of The Day
was between Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng & Lee Yong Dae / Jung Jae Sung

my heart was about to come out and i became "VOICE-LESS" after screaming/shouting/praying for them to win.
but it was all worth it to see those handsome smiles on their faces!

they won,
21 - 18 . 16 - 21 . 28 - 26
and china had 10 game points to win this whole match!

after their disappointing lost last 2 years in Malaysia and silver medalist in the Olympics, they're BACK!

makes me wanna smile too! :)
the best men's doubles pairing EVER!

it was a blast,
i wish both teams could have won though.

BUBBLES is so darn cute,
was watching badminton half way when the matches started to get boring i cam whored myself with the 2.0 MP camera phone. that's why picture qualities are bad.

my MUMMY called and I didn't know what in the world what she talking about!
&& I was like "HUH?"
hahaha, shoot me please I'm very very bored now!

my love for purple is back again,
and my craziness for pink has settled down. but I'm still waiting "patiently" for my pink LUMIX.
i hope my parents are reading my blog now! :D

you know what,
i actually kinda miss HANDBALL practices now,

well, accept for the fact that we have to be under the scorching hot sun for 3 whole hours.
that part i don't like!

but other then that, i miss laughing like crap every time we warm up,
telling them lame jokes to my friends,

getting teased with my "only on Monday boyf" , LOL!
and eating dinner with them sampat people *cough*fu*cough*sheng*cough* who make me laugh until we get full even before dinner starts! HAHAHA!

and even baskin robins for desert :D


i have something new to do in lecture besides eating,
oh btw, venne now currently brings honey stars and it's darn yummy! and our whole place is filled with honey stars on the floor! SEESH*

i now play PUZZLE BOBBLE with socks phone trying to beat her high score!
it's pretty fun :)
and zhu lian plays THE SIMS with my phone.
thank god for technology.

- socks

it was during econs lecture when she said that because venne had the coupon for the discount thing,
and the 4 of us so "smartly" ponteng-ed accounts lecture. but we were going to go on Friday!

but guess what, when we got back to school, my friend told us that there was no lecture cause our teacher took leave. oh, how smart of us girls! :D

so zhu lian drove us all the way to gurney just to eat, and it was so EXPENSIVE! I'm gonna think twice before going there to eat again. my gudness!

oh, and venne was cooking char koay teow for us :

i know it looks pretty disgusting,

but it turned out nice in the end.
good job.

i know you guys are so gonna try it out the next time, just remember to put tau eu and chilly okay! :)

look at the sampat people,
i almost fainted* when they brought back 4 bowls with one pathetic scoop of ice cream in it.

and the ever messy table with a whole lot of bowls!


i miss those crazy times we had in school, being as gila as always

i actually miss having my short hair which i suddenly chopped off because i couldn't stand my long hair.

i miss being the "world's laziest monitor"! like seriously,
i never really did anything. i rock!

seniors of 2008

and because i missed school too much, we went back to EAT despite the super heavy downpour on that Friday!

got to meet up with chanthana, and boy did i miss her :D

i think we ate like every stall in school.

a few minutes after that, yue shern & her disted gang came over to sell their disted party tickets and she asked our teachers to buy them and i got 3 for free which i so kindly gave them all to sam. say thank you to me now! LOL.

we wanted to eat and we ended up in specialist centre new wing to see their new restaurant because venne's mom is working as a nurse there. of all places to eat we went to a hospital. LMAO! but, unfortunately for us, it wasn't open.

went to buy sister's char koay teow for yu shern and dropped her back at college for class. then the 3 of us who didn't know what to do went to botanical gardens just to eat ice cream in a bun.

it's huge,
well it's too much for me to finish by myself!

TARC Odesey Night
ended up going for my RM 4 prom because I didn't have anything to do, :)

more pictures are with elmo who followed me there, thank you babe!

min yen!
she looks like a barbie doll here, LOL!

fu sheng just wanted to be in the picture, but we didn't even know he was behind us.
so too bad! :)

went there late and left early, HAHA! it was sucky, but everybody dressed so pretty. well the girls at least. after that a whole bunch of us went to Ananda for supper and you should have seen what me and elmo ate! like pigs.

after that, went for Alan Burger with Fu, Elvin, Elmo and Min Yen. got back before the clock hit 1 :)

zhu lian brought coffee bean into class. TSK, rich kid.
and she wanted me to post this up,



like that also syiok.

the trip down to the Orphanage with my Ephraimites was good!
I enjoy kids, and to see them happy makes me happy too!

before we left to the place

I had a headache sitting at the back of the van!
my GOSH, i don't even wanna remember it.

instead we took blinding flash light pictures.

everybody ended back at Le Roy's place.

and i always love having our "eat till you become fat" family reunion when ah ma comes back!
and we always have them on wednesday to meet up @ kelvin's place.

the members :

ah ma forever learning how to use her MAC!

and us, forever photo boothing with it, it's FUN!

it's not funny, better watch out the next time anybody goes to his place.

kelvin was just telling me "eh, not yet hungry ghost festival yet, the hungry ghost come out d"
you can't blame me for being too hungry. LOL!
and we ate ALOT,

i'm currently obsessed over COCA COLA again!
hints* to buy for me!

by the time we get there, we're already so TIRED!!!!
and he ki hiao wanna take us sleeping.

waiting for my own, but it's darn complicated!

people, more outings!
where's out trip to pantai jerejak?

and i wanna go play JET SKI again!

it's been long since we've sat in kelvin's car! zhu lian shouted like mad,

calling my babes,

pei yen , yi lin and jocelyn

when are we going out again, i miss steam boating with you girls,

and I can still remember elmo didn't eat and we had to curi-curi to give her food cause she didn't pay!

and they so nicely cooked everything for me to eat. HAHA!

my most favourite ice cream ever to me.
i remember always eating is at school when i was young,

and I always have to be the driver when we go out, because nobody wants to drive.
oh how smart you girls are like me :)

I HATE to drive now, i rather have people fetching me.
I drove for a week to college cause zhu lian didn't have the car and now i'm sick of it. haha.
everytime we go out, i give people my car keys to drive. come on, say i'm damn SMART!

Ephraim + Mod Em Combine Cell @ Central
we had games night since Manasseh went to the orphanage
and the best thing was, nobody brought games to play until eunice lee came and brought super old card games like "happy family" , "old man" ..... and all those, i can't even remember them!

a a few of us ended up playing chor tai tee

and the rest learnt how to play RISK.
it pretty much complicated so i didn't wanna learn. haha

and of cause the rubix cube is back in season!
i think khai hern teach me until his hair wanan come out already,
LOL! but i did try my best to get it. i only know w few steps now. after that totally lost!

my most sampat grand niece ever!
"great minds think alike"

it's only because I had fun and i love the pictures!

Mei, I hope you're having fun in Viet now,
have fun studying in your new school okay. i'm sure you will lah!
and I miss you! <3

"Ju oh Ju"
what did we see?

we played lots and lots and lots of pool,
i even managed to win some :D

and the rest from after cell came,
nicole's supper buddy


justin has too much hair now, please go and CUT!
so much for being botak last time,

the LAMEST dude ever,
lets go tom yam, burger, swimming and a whole lot of things.
i'll be your bestest homework ever sam! HAHAHA! :D

3 pretty people.
"andrew's so called too awesome stars" right?
i have no idea what i'm talking about now.

nicole likes this

that's all people!
i think i've update long enough.

counting down the days to first sem exams
3rd of September!

and Singapore with my girlf
24th of September!

i can't wait!

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