Thursday, October 01, 2009

a waste of time,

hello Handsome,

was supposed to have breakfast, but thanks to mr. rain i didn't have to mood at all. so texted the girlf and went back to bed. haha. not as if she was awake too (:

went to fetch Venne, it's been long since we last hung out.
went over penang bridge to Butterworth,

the driver of the day :
it was her first time driving on the highway! cool.

we were like so scared we were gonna get lost. haha, thank god we didn't. we were about too! that lady wanted to turn to KL.
and then we saw sign boards. and we were darn happy

simply followed sign boards and thank god we reached the place!

had to climb out the car just to get the parking ticket, LOL!

the mall is so pathetic!
guess what? we went all the way there just to eat kenny rogers! couldn't stand it anymore so we drove back home. haha.

the best thing was, we got lost on the way home! LOL!
first zhu lian went the wrong way, so we U-turned back and that smart ass venne told us to go all the way straight when we were supposed to turn right because apparently she saw "signboards"
& the both of them wanted to go all the way up to Kulim, because they saw a tol in front of them. crazy much. thank god for me :)
wasted RM 1 on tol, it's a miracle we reached home safely! haha.

more roadtrips to come soon
next one, IPOH!

<3 nicole

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