Tuesday, October 27, 2009

get well soon babe,

you better get your rest,
i don't wanna go and have to visit you in the hospital. LOL!

oh, today we had lab class for IT. and it was nice! something different. learned how to use excel and those formula's thing. had loads of fun laughing and trying to figure out how in the world to do it with venne, sam and ee ping. we even raced each other to see who finished first :D

while my girlf was sleeping at home, we were studying.
pls pray for her to get better, according to the doctor it's some virus thing. but she's much better now.

pulled an all nighter to finish up my english assignment just to figure out it was wrong today! OHMYGAWD!
now, i have to redo it again. well not literally, just put it into point form. sigh*
i'll try not to do last min work anymore. haha.

note to self : have to make time for jogging this week.

on friday, it was just the three of us.
venne was dancing, zhu lian was in the shopping center and socks in pukhet.

went back to the car to get water and fruits! :D

practicing for her dance on sunday's gudies cycling thing.

being siao as usual, it was super tiring that day.

i still prefer nike shoes.

and it's time for new sneakers for me!
both my nike's are gonna come out soon. my gosh,

choral speaking tomorrow. a waste of time and Organisation & Management test on wednesday. i need a break.

Cloudy with a chance of meetballs -> Auto city ; Mean Machine!
i can't wait for saturday to arrive :D

we know you're strong eulene.

! she broke it!

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