Friday, October 02, 2009

mr. sunshine,

here's a longer update about my awesome Singapore Trip with zhu lian and my parents.
just random, more pictures in facebook.

Couldn't get up the morning we were supposed to leave, as usual. being a pig. haha.
reached S'pore around 3 smth and we went to my mom's friends place. thanks for letting us stay there!

got to see my Misty Girl, she's so adorable!

eating her bone,

went to Park Way Parade to shop,
and we did quite okay for the first day. a few tops and a few other things :)

oh, Bacon Sticks were lovely!
why can't they have it here. seesh*

after pigging in, we continued walking until my legs told me "NO MORE!"

went over to Fish&Co for dinner.

took the Mrt back , then had to take Bus 14 and then Bus 11 [walking fyi!] back home,
i was too tired to even do anything then,
i think i feel asleep like a baby (:

Day 2 : we were like short of time for everything,
covered up Orchard Road & Bugis Junction

the lollipop was damn good,
strawberry flavoured!

could hear the noises of the F1 cars, and it was nice!
dad wanted to buy tickets and watch but, all that was left were the $ 1000 over!
everything was pretty much sold out.

i didn't wanna be in the heat,
the shopping mall was so much nicer!

we girls have a thing for mirrors in toilets.
maybe cause it's long!

rushed back home to bathe and get dressed,
then to meet up with zhu lian's cousin and friends @ Tempinis.

went for dinner at the food court, AGAIN! *shows my disgusted face*
then off we went to town, to try to get into Double O.
but i think we were underage? well zhu lian was at least! hahaha!

i like the policy of NO SMOKING in the bar there,
Malaysia should have it so my hair and clothes doesn't stink like hell when we come out!

since we were in town and didn't wanna go home yet, we went to Clark Quay.
the night was still young there! and it's so so pretty.

walked around and landed ourselves for a drink in :

it's a very cute place. exactly like the clinic. i bet most of you have already heard about it :D

and since we're not actually drinkers, we didn't know what to order.
the guy was being nice to recommend us, cause there's not menu for noobs like us. haha

so, Peach Margarita it was.
after paying a bomb, it better be delicious.

i loved this drip thing,
it was so cool!

hot patients? hahaha!

called it at night around 12 plus, had to take a cab all the way home. and me being very blur, led the cab driver a whole round.. haha! thank god zhu lian remembered how to go :)

Day 3 : went over to Vivo City to meet up with Kelvin Tan.
and we were late and very hungry.

and we got lost trying to find the food court that we ended up in the parking lot.

YUM* tau chui, my favourite.
every time i said I'll share with zhu lian i end up drinking all, so she bought he own drink this time! LOL

and they had a crazy idea to go out and walk,
we ended up cam whoring. in the stupid heat!

that's what sunnies are for :)
and not to wear them in shopping malls *rolls eyes*

and these are what boys are for in times of need.
when you're legs are freaking pain!

my Charles and Keith shoes were of good help! self-timer.

thank god the heat knocked some sense into their heads and they went back into the mall.
went for hot dogs and a lovely drink.
before Kelvin goes to his F1.

got bored of waiting for the food,

he left and we all also left,
went to Jurong Point for shopping again! it's so funny when we shop our feet doesn't hurt, but after buying the things and walking again, then the pain starts again. LOL.

it was getting late, we went went over to Sakura @ Somerset for our Japanese buffet!

i ate a whole lot of prawns and salmon.
oh yummy,

ate too much, so we went for a walk across the street.
and zhu lian brought me one whole big round when the street crossing light was just there! LOL.

and i bought the most expensive choc milk ever.

had to relax them poor feet.

and time to head back home,

and did i mention we got LOST!!
we took the wrong exit when we reached the Mrt station, instead of right we so smartly went left. haha.
but we did take the right bus no, just to the worng bus stop!
it was funny, trying to explain to my mom how to come and get us, thank god we arrived home!

Day 4 : Bugis again, to meet up with the boy for breakfast.

had yummy Katong Laksa before heading to Ibis Hotel.

crashed his hotel!

the pretty F1 passes,
i like them!

when i play Tap Tap, i can't even have my privacy

this is what nonsense they do,
don't even know the towel clean or not! lol

then, that pig got hungry again after walking around bugis junction,
so we went to eat, well he went to eat at

then, when he left!
time for us girls to start shopping again.

there were just so much things to buy!

went back to someset and shopped in Robinsons for a while
and finally lunch and then back home to my penang!

i miss singapore already!

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