Friday, October 23, 2009

you've gotta work it out.

been in the mood for jogs and walks and exercises these days.
after eating so much, i think we all should.

you should see the amount of food we eat everyday, you'll just faint*
i would if i didn't know they were already like that. and I who can't resist food temptation go along with them and eat, eat, eat. sigh* i've put on so much weight! :(

our mission : to go exercise everyday after college! yeah.
hope we can keep it up. lol. until we all actually loose that weight. arghhh.

while waiting for that stupid yee hui who told us she was "on the way" my ass lah. making us wait for her for so long outside the house in the hot sun.

it's been a super long time since we last took pictures.

the babes who are TRYING to loose weight. hahah.

we half jogged quarter ran and alot of walking and laughing and talking. as usual lah. nothing surprising there right. hahaha.

enough for a day, my legs tell me time to rest.

and time to camwhore! :D

we didn't know where in the world to put the phone, thank god for pavements. and no monkey's/people to steal my phone :)

i kinda like this picture, CUTE! :D
we're in need of a toilet.

we tried to do jump shots but a failed attempt. we couldn't hear the self timer at all. lol

candid's are the BEST shots ever.

see you girls soon!
i need to release all the emo-ness. my gosh.

nicole has found her picture of the day.

learning how to cope day by day.
it's not easy?

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