Wednesday, November 04, 2009

lets get crazy!

red nails are hot.

gave myself a pedicure and manicure again.
not a pro, but i couldn't stand the sight of my awful nails :D

post emo feeling. LOL! kidding.
i'm alright


i have classes the whole day, wth right?
and it's not lecture where i can SKIP! arghhhh.

Brunch @ Subaidah.
loving the roti bom manis there.

i had good memories there! sat in the same place :D

the girls! i love them..
yee hui , veryn , socks , venne , zhu lian

i wish i was there for my baby girl's birthday :

LARA turns "BIG 2"
on the 31st of October

my adorable hyperactive little niece.
web cam with her jus the other day, FUN!

she loves Dora the Explorer. haha.
explains the huge cake for a baby!

gonna be super pretty girls when they grow up.
Elena Choo & Lara K. Howard.

not forgetting Baby James W. Howard and the mummy.
woah* he looks so ang mo right. lol

that wraps it up.
all grown up!

i'm turly blessed to have lovely niece's and nephew

i HATE wednesday.
and to make it worse, i have Macroeconomics test tomorrow.
confirm DIE!

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