Friday, December 11, 2009

there's nothing else i can say, eh eh :D


i meant english presentation. thank you Jesus :D
i've never been so stressed out for english oral before until that day. had a metal breakdown/panic attack. thanks to my teacher who was being mean,

she said if we read from the paper, the only comment we will get is "shut up and sit down"
so obviously we were all scared that she would say that and FAIL!

read till 1a.m and i couldn't stand it so i went to bed. woke up at 5a.m to read with cell phone lights and zhu lian called. okay, we didn't go breakfast at 5a.m lah. was too lazy to get out of bed. haha. and she called again at 6, 7 and 8 a.m. GUDNESS! lol.

finally got up and we went for breakfast @ MCD. see what stress does to you. came back and i was screaming my oral in my house for my parents to hear. haha. poor them have to listen to me.

in sam's car.
it's been a long time since we took pictures :D
hate wearing formal!

came back home and the both of us went to Queens to actually shop. in the end, bought nothing except for tako tao! YUM*.
rushed back to take a shower and off we went to do our assignment. headahce betul.
ended up eating at gurney drive ; CHICKEN SKIN :D and brought it to mcd sunriseeee. lol.

done with IOM assignemtns.
last min as usual

Sam's glasses. haha

slept like a baby until this morning and the both of us had an appointment in the hairdresser :D

i went to steam, wash my hair and cut fringe with lovely massages. i needed that. haha and my girlf did her teknik rebonding. sekarang sudah cantik. lol

idk how many hours we stayed there, my butt also numbed already. haha.

thank god for Veryn Tay to take me out for lunch :D

went back to find out she wasn't ready so we went to drink Honeydew milkshake. it was AWESOME :D

headed off to gurney for idk what reason. more of like wasting RM 1 for parking. pffttt.

i realized car's nowadays are very funny.
  1. please make way for this RUSH.

2. the OLD and the NEW

i think his name is Austin. LOL

3. read it. it's for you.

and my msot favourite ever.
Apple Stroodle.

highlight of something sad. i can't believe i'll be skipping Annual Youth Camp this year. damn heart brokened. stupid TARC. no holidays and dumb test/assignments. i really want to go.

2005 ; Get Deep
@ Swiss In.

i think it's like the best hotel ever. hahah.

ohmygoshhhh, we were so young. lol

and i loveee the pool. the games were fun. haha.

2006 ; De'Caf
@ Swiss In again.

the best part was hanging out in the corridors. fun times.

and i miss these girls lots.

2007 ; Captivated
@ Harvard Golf and Country Club

room 206? i think. lol.

2008 ; Freed To Follow
@ ??? i can't remember. lmao. suddenly forgot.

favourite fruit.

gonna miss you people.

memories. damn.
i still can't accept the fact that i'll be missing out on all the fun and the last night chats.

oh and did u notice, me and sharon were in the same group for like 3 years :D
i was her leader in 07 and she was mine in 08. lol

IT Test this Wednesday.
i think i'm gonna go crazy again

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