Thursday, December 17, 2009

what you see is what you get,

totally extremely


I'm currently done with :

IT test 2
- we shall see how the results come out this time. LOL

Macroeconomics Assignment
- thank god we're done

& now, I'm left with :

IT Assignment
- gonna be doing it in G Hotel with my babe after the wedding :D hopefully we'll get it done. haha

Christmas Shopping & Cards
- you lucky receivers!

14th December ; Serene Ong's Birthday!
she's officially OLD now.
don't we look alikeeee? haha

on Monday night, we didn't know where to go so met up with them people @ Queens to go and try out contacts. Yee Hui and I went to eat lok lok after that. YUM* then met up with Veryn again ; was supposed to see meteor's but ended up in Abu. nonsense! haha.

stayed in the shop for so long trying just to find out that they were out of stock. LOL

she's trying to put it in,

i tired but failed so i gave up.

now she has cicak eyes. hahaha.
but i love the colours, amethyst. i choose it. DUH!

and on Tuesday, i got my honeydew milkshake again. darn awesome!
wanted to go to island and sit down and study while waiting for the girls, but we ended up walking and window shopping until they finished class. haha.

at night,

got so tired of staring at my IT book. not as if any info went it.
so i decided to cam whore and sleep! :D

Wednesday was a super crappy day for all of us, we had class like the whole day plus we had a test to study for.

the rest are just super random pictures to fill my blog.
and I'm MISSING YOUTH CAMP! arghhh,

meet up with yee hui's besft Hui Yee. LOL!
their names are so cute. opposite of each other.

candid for the three of us,
after a few glasses of beer she turns into a tomato. lol

i think i have alcohol intolerant friends :D

we crashed their prom,
not really, we weren't even dressed for the event. hahah.
KiJade, high school Senior.

some body's acting cuteeee :D
she's so adorable. you have no reason not to love her wei.

Elena, Lara and Nicole celebrates L's birthday!

♥ dad's going down to meet here again. unfairrrr!

my dad's leaving for KL tomorrow then to Australia on Sunday until next year,
gonna be DAD-less again for a whole month. lol.

Finals are coming up soon as well.
Zhu lian bro's wedding on sat.

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