Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the year twenty zero nine

has been pretty weird.

i've learned a whole lot of new things this year. some good and some bad.
  • thank god he sustained me throughout this whole year with only a few mental breakdown's which was a very rough time in my life
  • but, to the people who were there for me ; seriously, you guys ROCK
  • i managed to survive one semester in TARC and now ending my second one! woots*

people come and people leave but those who are dear to you will always stay :D
  • made a whole lot of new friends this year and it's a good things.
  • found out the meaning of, True Friends!
  • struggled with a few, but thank god we're strong enough to suck it up.

to sum it up, i half like 2009! LOL.

i feel replaced. damnnn

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