Monday, January 18, 2010

you've gotta live life to the fullest!

& party like there's no tomorrow.
i mean study *ahem*

here are some random pictures from the party. the rest are already up in muka buku.

oh, and the trip there was fun. about 9 cars convoyed to Auto City, I had a feeling everybody that passed us, gave a quick glance. haha.

the pink vodka was def the most awesomest drink of the night.
me and tiff said a no no to whiskey. YUCKS*

the "TAN's"
yeah, totally looked out for each other that night :D

with the girls,

Jamie & Yen Ni

all of us sat in the same car!

awww, thank you Stef.
*zi xuan, be jealous.hahaha*

the guys,

Sam vomited like a bitch in the car. LOL!
Zi Xuan brought me drinks the whole night. thank youu! :D

Benny fetched all the drunk asses homeee.
Elvin was just being himself as usual. lol

Kenneth Ooi talked crap the whole way back, next time I'm gonna bring a stapler and use it for his mouth.

see, everybody loves the pink vodka. lol. yum*

=____________________= of all place to take a picture right. haha

tukao owned, yeng!

group pictures are next,

every body's like in blue and white except me.
yea, the PINK one stands out!

she's pretty right? :)
Khaim Yee

nah, this is how to toilet looks like in the inside. lol.

that's a warp, no more pictures plesaeeee!

my battery went totally FLAT when the night wasn't over yet. see i have cam whore friends!

oh & there was a case of the missing car key which made us all stand outside while searching for it. hahaha!

this is what u get for partying too HARD! seesh*

Florence Farewell @ Coffee Island
she's already in Perth by now, will miss you girl. come back with hot ang mo boys for us! :D

i think i put on a lot of weight. don't u think :(

Melanie's Farewell
ended up chilling in the place playing iPhone monopoly and drinking honeydew milkshake!

we've grown, I'm not sure in size but for sure prettier! :D

confirm siao people.

the BEST thing ever in the world man.
it's gonna finish soon.

that's all, need to go back to staring at my books.
come on nicole, 3 more papers to go! :D

i can't wait for my holidays.

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