Friday, March 19, 2010

my blog is not dead!

A big SORRY to my dear blog and my dear readers.
I've abandoned you all for too long, and i know you've been missing me :D

anyhow's 3rd sem is being a super major pain in the butt. too much work to do in so little time. assignments are def. killing all of us this time. a huge BOO*

will keep you all more updated. but check my twitter and facebook :)

i miss guiding days!

we did a dance and it was totally last minute thank to Vennezia Chan!
danced Wedding Dress and Para-Para Sakura. LMAO to the max

i've been seeing this girl too much. aiyoh.

&& will update bout my USA trip when i'm not lazy!

my two most favourite place for sure :


Marry Poppins totally rocked.


Crash Bandicoot, best video game ever!

see you people!

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