Friday, April 16, 2010

it's them who matters.

as we grow up, we learn how to face different situations that life brings for us.
no it's not easy but thank god for the people that matter in our lives to help pick up back up.

never take people you love for granted :)

Last week,
has been pretty much busy.
I can't believe time flies so fast and after weeks of training for captain ball on Sunday afternoon, Wave Challenge is over.

it was fun while it lasted although we didn't win. darn.

- venne, janice, beverly, kutu

brought these two babi's along to play this year :D

and the other 3 came to support us and bought food. so sweeeetttt!


i gues Nicholas was too tired from the heat!
and everythings's so blueeeeee.

Roy: Josh, i think im into you.
Josh: ... wth?
*stares with keen interest, but nt the gay kind of interest.*
- caleb yeoh

Portable towel fan , seriously works. haha

watch out,

pretty shoes put together.

and all us captain ball-ers got major sunburn after we all came back.
well except for those who put sun block :)

all in all, major events like these are always fun!
can't wait for next year.

the 2nd in the group to turn 19

miss Tay Swee Fern

had lunch with her right after Tamadun Islam paper!

Exam was dumb! All of us went out early at the same time because we couldn't be bothered staring at the paper anymore. lol
God pls let me get an A :D

pictures are already up in facebook.

@ Salsa's
never ever going back there again.


group picture in front of the lift because those dumb ass people didn't wanna take for us.
useless much!

and the next day, me and zhu lian took her for her birthday dinner @ Kaptian while the rest were planning the surprise at her place :)

and then we dropped her back home pretending that was all for the night.
and we rushed down like mad to the pool area to help the girls prepare :D

the fellow committee's
with super crazy ideas of a surprise!

the girls

yes, we went swimming. lol


i love surprises!
don't you?


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