Friday, May 21, 2010

Thomas & Uber Cup 2010

will just summarize everything in pictures because it means a thousand words :D


went down to KL on Wednesday morning with ;

the SISTER ; Jocelyn Khoo

and we stayed at her uncle's place :)
watched Malaysia vs Denmark on TV in the mamak stall and back home while cheering like mad.

Thursday, went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Veryn and Connie to go and stay in my aunt's place! my cousin took us out at night showing us how to get to the stadium and everywhere else in case we go lost :D

Friday, we had to reschedule our plans thanks to the match which was changed to the 2ndsession @ 7pm instead of 2pm

after i walked down, i found this on the door.
how smart is my cousin :)

we went to fetch Navenia and we ended up in sunway AGAIN! gosh.
we didn't know where to go and eat and i wanted to see how Fullhouse looked like so we went there.

pretty decorations all over.

but the food pretty much sucked!
totally down.

went back home to change and off we went to the Bukit Jalil stadium for ;


it was still very early when we got there.

ended up watching the match between Indonesia vs Japan

Simon Santoso ; Sho Sasaki

very chi kek indeed.
Japan won in the ended and they had to proceed to the second MD!

but it was good to see a fight.

after it all ended, the "KING" came out to train with Chen Jin :)

was with them while waiting for the sister.

3 - 0

alamak, totally no fight at all

but i still screamed like mad for china and so chun we sat where all the china supporters were :D

at night went for supper with the guys which came down to KL, Clement and gang. lol. ate at some deserted coffee shop. weird! and we got lost following the stupid GPS to get back to Jocelyn's uncle's place. lol

got back to aunt's place,

went to watch TC semi's again trying to find ourselves and didn't shower until 3am when it finished. lol!

and chatted with ryn until 4.45am! having super long girls talk! :D

Saturday, we were super free because we didn't wanna go watch Uber Cup finals. and Rynwanted to balik kampung cause M'sia sudah kalah.

so we left the house and went to town, Pavilion and met up with the friend.

ate my Japanese food.
but this is ryn's.

and then they left and had to drop me at jocelyn's place. which in the end we got lost again.agrrhhh. i hate KL roads. annoying to the max!

ended up at her place baby sitting her cousin!

Sunday, left the house kinda early and when we reached the stadium it wasn't even opened yet and had to wait outside in the HOT sun.


finally got to enter and we saw,

the "King" training again.
this is no wonder he's so good!

waited at least about an hour before the game finally started.

i always loved how the China Team huddles up before the game!
so team spirited :)

and we sat behind the China Team as well today.
it was all good!

i cheer like mad for Lin Dan but he totally owned Taufik the whole game. If you watch the repeat you can hear me shouting. well at least i could hear myself on TV! haha

then it was MD which was the,

Olympic Champions ; Hendra Setiawan & Markis Kido vs the World Champions ; Cai Yun & Fu HaiFeng!

i think i screamed the most during this game., especially the first set which went until 26-24.OHMYGOSH! almost died of a heart attack when china lost their match point lead. faint*


prize giving ceremony ;
China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan!

and the the both of us quickly rushed down to the arena to try and get pictures with the players. and we did manged to get with only a few.

Wong Mew Choo ;
was a super sweet lady! i actually like her now.

and i spoke my caperlang mand. to all the china players asking them for a picture!
thank god they understood me :)

Yu Yang ;
olympic WD's champion! i love her complexion. super fair!

Zhang Ning ;
twice olympic champion and now coach, i really do look up to her!

and the best picture ever!

Lin Dan ;
olympic & world champion and a lot of other things!

wanted to get a picture with Cai Yun but the stupid guard didn't wanna take for us. WTCRAP? damn annoying.

so we went out before we all got chased out.

meet up with Badminton Central people :)

and the girls!
excluding Mei Yen who had to study for exams :(

went back and managed to find ourselves on TV this time. super clear! :D haha.

Monday, went to sunway again for lunch and back home to my Penang!

thank you sister for everything!
we shall go again next time :)

best badminton tournament ever!

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