Sunday, July 25, 2010

double surprise celebration

here is a post dedicated to self proclaimed miss universe.

10th July,

the cake the girls baked for her while i decorated it :)

Only because she wanted Oreo cheese cake we decided to bake her a cake. without the cheese of course. it was too messy to bake that.

took so damn long to bake the cake because they only started at 10pm. wow!

we were like siao char bor's in the car sweating like nobody's business. and we had to freaking walk in the apartment which is so damn far. seesh*

thank you Vanessa for helping out :D nwy's it was already 12.40am when we reached the place and the pig was already fast asleep. my goodness! -.-

so we woke her up!

okay, it was good that the cake took so long to bake and we reached so damn late. because she kinda suspected that we were gonna surprise her at 12am. but we didn't go until 40mins later. lol.

didn't get to take her blowing off the candles in time.
so she had to pretend! haha.

minus Zhu who was fast asleep waiting to go to Hatyai.

oh and yee fell on the way up, and we started laughing like mad. my gosh.
poor thing. lol.

we all went back tiredly after that!
i went back and watch the repeat of England vs. Germany :D wanted to see all the 4 goals but i totally missed watching all. and i fell asleep on the couch until morning.

In the afternoon when i got up, venne came to my place and did assignment. how lame, doing it on her own birthday. Then yee came to pick us up to go get her car key's from ver because she so smartly left them in the car the night before. tsk!
ended up eating mee goreng!

don't ask me, i just love the colour combination.

and look at my wife's leg. AIYOHHHH! lol.

the couples? HAHA!

then back to ver's place to get ready for dinner :)
it took us a very long time indeed to get ready. thank god we didn't book dinner so early. haha.

before and after!

didn't manage to take their before pictures.

was bored.

i love dressing up and looking pretty :D

then, made our way to Edoichi @ Island Plaza for dinner!

super yummy soft shell crab and supposed to have salmon skin salad!

aww, and i finally met up with sze ling after so damn long!

whole group picture

then, we didn't know where to go and ended up all the way in Hard Rock Hotel.

got caught in the jam and we ended up cam whoring in the car.

i love my canon one hundred.

jan the miangggg :D

reached home and had to remove all the makeup. annoying!

13th July,
at night after my super nap went to fetch the girls and went up to Bayu Emas @ BatuF. to meet up with ven who was staying there.

yee's so called moon.

Aunty Boo cooked for us :D
the best chai boey ever! YUM*

and i'm such a good wife to massage for her!

and yes, we had to do our assignments. but just to find out it was wrong. luckily we never finished all also. haha.

went to buy DVD's and sweating like nobody's business. goodness.
why lah, Malaysia so damn hot!

16th July,
had another surprise for ven courtesy of zhu because she missed her birthday.

yes, got to doll up again. sorry was being bored. lol

now it's missing socks. damnn.

the plan was, she was supposed to go out for dinner with yee because yee was being emo. and she called all of us, but we weren't free at all. so then we went to hide and when she got into the car and yee drove off, we chased after it and surprise her. you should have seen her face! HAHA!

so then, she had to go and change because :

the SIX of us went to Tao @ Auto City.

the reason why we had to sit outside it because we booked to wrong Tao! HAHA!
but the Penang Tao damn MEMBABIKAN! annoying. i won't go there anymore.

i think we ate like pigs. seriously.

i love candid shots.

after 10pm the tao closes and i think it becomes like a pub.
stayed a while. these guys are actually not bad :)

toilet moments for us.

oh and i love the colour's we're wearing!

the girls.

had a fun night with them

and so that wraps up her nineteenth birthday. i know it's fun to have friends like us :D

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