Friday, July 09, 2010

their last "teen" year.

ohmygoshhhh, i forgot to post this up,
it was in my drafts for like so long! so here it is :

no jan, i didn't forget about your birthday post :)
and neither did i forget about yours yee.

4th June ;

the pretty girls' surprise @ Torch

the cake from the babi's to her :)
venne's idea to give her that name. haha!

went to ryn's place first before everything while venne and gang took her for seafood. and the worse thing was it was raining super heavily. and we were all WET!

when we reached torch we got everything ready and we walked inside singing,

"Happy Birthday to You....."

"EHHHH, GO OUT! GO OUT! she's in the toilet"

lol, it's was def. an LOL moment.
memalukan only.

we didn't know and then when she came back we had to sing it again :)

surprised? i guess so.

it's was already late so we all just ended up talking and being noisy as usual.

ryn looks super pretty here. i like!

the "TAN's"
except you know who.

the seafood girls. loll.

and the babi's.

and now, everybody!
haven't seen my highschool girls in a long time.

it's been super long since we last met.

and the siao CHARISMA!
acting as Anna for her PFS play.

and after that we all didn't wanna go back yet and it was raining so heavy we didn't know where to go. after a long time deciding we ended up at Station 1 ; Komtar.

played Jenga

and drank,
Iced Peach Tea and Ribena.

kinda camwhore abit because there was too many people playing.

ended up doing nonsense. crazy tiff?

my babe.
even though we like to say each other, but we still love each other :)
right VER? lol

okay, we had a surprise BBQ Birthday for yee :)

before the party we were all like super siao lang! goodness!
rushing like mad to Tesco in Ver's mad drivinggg!

and i had to wait pathetically long for my parents at the airport that i was kinda late for the surprise!

so i went and get the cake instead!

i guess she was really surprised and didn't expect anything lor.
too bad i wasn't there to see her expression! :(

thanks venne for BBQ-ing for all of us. and to those who helped.
i only know how to do marshmellows :) lol

oh, and we planned an all white party for her.
but we are "capelangggg" people. so we wear shorts and t-shirt! :D

LOVES them!

and then they all decided to play with cake.
jan hiao go and put cake on yee hui and veryn.


well, that's all for the birthday update :)
i will update with pictures of langkawi soon.
i feel like doing so.


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