Monday, August 30, 2010

it's a clean sweep

just a random update about World Champs that was happening the whole of last week 23-29 August!

i said i wouldn't watch all the matches and select a few because there were papers in between! yeah, my butt. i think i watched more TV than i did studying! lol.

God please let me pass all my papers!

to summarize it, CHINA totally dominated the whole tournament. a 5/5 win since the first time it happened at1987 in Beijing. totally wow!

Du Jing, Yu Yang, Cai Yun, Fu HaiFeng, Zheng Bo, Ma Jin

Chen Jin, Wang Lin

I heard China's national anthem sang 5 times!

sorry to KKK/TBH who lost out in the Finals.
you guys were great!

they're still the BEST! :D
I love love love their smilessss! I CAN MELT!

they made record for the most men's doubles titles in World Champs!
2005 - Madrid
2009 - Hyderabad
2010 - Paris

okay, it was an awesome night and i had tax today!


and, i miss my girls!

been wanting to post up pictures on Simone's birthday but I'm too lazy!

i will when I'm FREE-ier after 3rd Sept!

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