Monday, September 20, 2010

i don't wanna say goodbye,

to the wonderful places I've been to for the past 10 days.
Europe was the BOMB!

but however, USA was still more fun to be in and to play :)

I'm BACK in Penang! will post pictures on my facebook when I'm done with everything. here are some sneak peeks!

de Eiffel Tower while taking a river cruise
it was much prettier at night! :D

the Crooked House of Windsor!
didn't eat in it though, went to the bar behind instead for ales. YUM*

at Madame Tussauds !
hello hot stuff, Tom Cruise :)

dinner with mom's friends in Chinatown @ Lecister Square
omg, crispy duck is awesome!

with Ee and Cousin @ Hyde Park
morning cool breeze walks are the best!

i love Eurpoe!
i will come back sometime.
not soon though.

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