Wednesday, October 13, 2010

moi je t'aime PARIS!

Hey people, i just feel like blogging about the stuff i miss in Paris :)
Well i def. wanna go back there someday soon!
It's so pretty and all the pastries make me go mad.

Before i left for Singapore, i have to eat my all time favourite Herb & Linguine @ Coffee Bean :)

Reached Singapore and we had like 4 hours transit for 4 hours so we jalan-jalan ;

NIC stick by OPI. i wanted to get one but i thought twice.
damn i think i should have just gotten it.

and Burger King for dinner @ T2

and finally after the 14 hours of torture on the A380 Upper Deck which was as hot as a sauna, we finally reached PARIS! :D

the Eiffel Tower Day & Night :)
it was def. an awesome sight!

i miss the buildings and roads and alleys.
they're all so pretty and they can't build anything higher than 9 stories.

the River Cruise!
even though it was raining, we were still sitting there taking pictures. so Asians!

the Night Tour! hopped on and off the bus to take pictures!
we did it so fast we were like on the amazing race because we had to cover all the places.
Arc De Triomphe

i love the way everybody sits facing the roads and VERY VERY close to each other.
space is not wasted! lol

to-die-for Strawberry Tart
i used my own 20€ to pay for it.

Lenotre, Boysenberry Tart.
one of the high class bakery. I got a huge paper bag for this tiny thing.

Tea Time @ Angelina!
MACAROONS! my all time fav for sure!

and the chestnut cream, Mont Blanc.

the architecture.
looks un-real. like in heaven!

all the way to De Lourve Museum
just to get a picture with Mona Lisa. pffttt!

the Small Little shops to eat,
and the BEER! i drank way too much there. lol.

I'm loving everything in this shop.

the Markets early in the morning @ Rue Cler
walking never seem so nice before.

and i never love BREAKFAST as much as i did there!
i are croissant with CHOCOLATE! yum*

and finally, the METRO!
it was such an easy way to travel. €1.10 to go everywhere one way.

that's all for Paris!



made up my mind :)
now pray i don't have to wait 3 weeks! =.=!

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