Saturday, October 23, 2010

well, hello again

BOO! :)
i'm back with updates. i've been updating a lot recently. i guess i like my blogskin!

Yesterday was a random night that all of us decided on dinner :) but to my surprise, i think benny invited the whole "penang" to come for dinner. woah* shocked to see so many ppl. LOL.

Boys will ALWAYS be boys and be as slow as ever! i mean damn slow.
if the tell you a time, just add an hour to it :D

thanks Bryan for the lift!

we ended up eating at Chicago Rib House but waited until 10pm just for dinner. goodness. i was starving like mad!

thank god i had tiff with me. or not guys domination again. lol

met Sam, Sabrina, Wei Jian & Bernard @ Dome, shisha-ing! lol.
haven't seen her in quite awhile!

and we went for a late night movie and they just HAD to choose this show which i didn't wanna watch!

okay, i was a DUMB show. i don't get the point.
we were laughing more than anything else.

me and tiff were screaming as usual. lol.
i had a good night :)

AND i'm gonna get my new baby soonnnnnnnnerrr than expected!

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