Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what's up?

I'm too lazy to fix my html's in my blog so bare with it alright. thanks :)

and here's a few things that has been happening this month so far!

1. Tea Time @ Coffee Bean with Yan & Sarah

finally gotta meet up with her and catch up on a whole lot of things

2. Commonwealth Games @ New Delhi, India
which has been happening from the 3-14 Oct!

absolutely in love with diving now and also YEOH KEN NEE & SCOTT ROBERTSON!

he's this 2nd from the left :)

3. Haagen w/ Mei Yan, Ver & Yee
30% off for members on a Tuesday! :D

stole this from yee's microblog.

4. Pasar Malam-ed and ate a whole lot of things!
@ Farlim. i love going there and be as tham chiak as possible :D

5. watched Charlie St. Cloud when we didn't have class and we went Prangin for dress hunting and TOM YAM :)

it has to be on the top 10 of the worse movies I've ever watched!

6. Visits to Zhu Lian who landed herself in Adventist Hospital.

where can u find such people who come visit you everyday!

7. Socks Birthday! surprised @ her place and took her to Pulau Aman for super awesome Mee Udang. YUMS*

yea, we blinded folded her even until we walked into the boat then only we took it off :)

the boat ride there, we had to wait so long!

8. Movie Night w/ campus people @ Yan's place.
watched the crazies again! sick show.

9. went to eat Chu Char @ Chia Yen and see Lam Fung promote for his coffee @ Queensbay

10. Youth!

spam Eulene's new D90 :)

and the most recent thing that's happened,

surprise @ her place!

the girls who went!

that's about all. i'm so lazy!!

our last campus meeting before the movie night.
i miss PIZZA! :D

will update about Taiping trip!!


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