Sunday, November 07, 2010

girls night out!

4.11.10 ; Yi Lin's Birthday Celebration

got all ready, because she asked us to wear "nice nice". lol

Before the dinner after class, went to Ritz to get her cake and then went Edoichi to book the table and put the cake there for her surprise :)
Simone came and pick me up and as usual we were a bit late. typical malaysian's right :D

all of us who went.
minus Jocelyn & Pei Yen

I finally got to eat my Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Skin salad! :D ohhh YUM* but it wasn't as nice as the first time i ate it.

her so called pet fish. LOL. salmon!

me and the birthday girl.
haven't seen her in ages!

Then suddenly while we were talking, the lady came in singing "Happy Birthday...." with the cake. ohmygosh, that shocked us as well and she was surprised! :D

Before this, they weren't sure when to bring in the cake and the lady from the restaurant called my cell to ask when. wow, so efficient!

okay, she had Butterscotch this year which is obviously my fav. LOL

self time rocks as usual.


I think the whole shop waited for us to go back so they could clean up. HAHA.
and we didn't wanna go back yet cause it was still early so we decided to go and chill and since I didn't get to go to Seven the last time, we headed there :)

nice place to sit down and talk. i like it.

we sat inside at first because it was so hot outside!

my girlf and me :)

seeing the menu what to order.
the menu has no price on it =.=

ordered a bucket of 5 for each of us :)
Heineken still the best beer!

the lighting inside was kinda nice.

but we shifted out in the end.
cause it was too quiet inside. lol

zhu already high on beer. HAHA!

the super thin girl :)

went to the toilet.
idk why when i drink i go to the toilet ALOT!

the siao girl made me do it :)

showing our fat arms.

"we scream for ICE SCREAMMMM"

and we met Ver who was sitting @ Chillis!
just opposite us.

had an awesome night with the girls!

sat there until 12am then sang a birthday song for her!


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