Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D for

woof woof*

i have always loved dogs ever since i was young :) 
and i was so happy when i got my :

Toby Tan! :D

i think he's like me. seriously world's laziest dog like EVER! goodness me. lol. 

and on the other hand, i have world's nosiest dog too. haha. but the most manja dog too. gosh.

meet miss Bubble :)

my two best friends :) who could ask for more? haha. I MISS THEM!!!

and this was when there were young. ahhh, i wish to keep them forever like that!

and now they're all grown up :( tobs's 8 years old and bubba's 7 years old already! time flies!

and other than the two, here's more furry pals :) 

the giant Leo Keoh :) 

and Maxie Keoh, she's not currently blind :( but she's still so cute. 
seeing her bumping into the chairs and wall. lol

meet miss Vincci Chan Wan Kao and her ever changing hairstyles. lol

and this is the brother, Ziggy Boy! :D 
go fb check out the vid where he did his gongxi gongxi! adorable to the max.

and this cute little Angel! :) she's SO SMALL! 

 and mr. ba geh JJ Chan :)
i remember i had to carry him all over the pasar malam! faint* so hot. 

 and last but not least brothers from another mother, because they have the same name. haha

Simba Yap! cousin's dog :) 

 and Simba Tan. su quin's giant fur ball! he should meet leo and they both can play :)


and, i really want a :

aiyor, so super cute with those blue eyes!!

or a Cocker Spaniel! eeeeeeeee :)


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