Friday, April 06, 2012

F for

(well, i guess this was pretty obvious? haha)

well i was contemplating on Friday as well, but oh well! :D

the people who we see on friday at cell group, saturday at youth service and sunday in church :)
well it's pretty much the people who i spent my teenage years with and still am!

this is in 2008 - Rebels For Christ event :)

and then 2010 - Annual Youth Camp , Influenza!

how much we have grown :) 
just some random pictures. i couldn't possibly post all cause then this post will never end. haha

random hangouts like Pizza Night :)

and then we formed Onward which is cell group for the people of 18 and up :)
Bowling Night!

and we're very healthy people :) captain ball on sundays and then every year we have :

2010 Wave Challenge :)

and 2011 Wave Challenge where the girls team managed to get 3rd place! :D 
and my last year playing since i couldn't go back this year when uni started :(

Junior Youth Retreat 2011 ; the committee's :) amazing people!

and the rest are just what we practically do on saturday nights!

1. we camwhore :) haha

2. we have prayer! always a super encouraging time :)

3. we have ice breakers! time for fun and laughters

4. listen to the message and sometime, we participate in them :)

5. and after that we go and EAT SUPPER!! :D :D
always the most people ever. this was at kuta bali. 8 tables, 32 people! haha. i look so excited. lol

6. and at the end of the month with a 5th week, we will have Theme Nights! :)
yea i was in charge of a station of adventure night! explains the outfit.

and to wrap it up, F is also for FUN!! :D
because of all the fun moments we have together!

 now wonder what G would be?
wait for tomorrow to come. haha.


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