Friday, April 20, 2012

R for

(tripple R yo)

if you have no idea what is this about, i'm so sorry for you. 
but no worries, i'm here to help you not be so blur about it :)

best game ever on the wii! filled with laughters,


and after that muscle aches!

but guaranteed a good time!

this is what we did during Easter after church and dinner and ice cream, workout time yo! lol

wonder why they look like they're talking on the phone? haha

 it's because they were playing this scene :)

compare this picture with the one at the bottom. LOL! we look the same.

i look like the middle one. so super excited and steph the one on the left, alicia on the left and jon on the sofa. LOL!

cause we're cool like that :)

and HAHAH! i wish i could should u a vid of me and steph while playing this scene. super LOL moments. both of us was shouting like mad and the both of them laughing. tskk. 

so in conclusion, PLEASE GO AND PLAY THIS GAME! :D


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