Monday, April 30, 2012

Z for

lets go to the, 
where there's lots of things to do! :)

ohmygoodness, April is over and so is this challenge! it was fun while it lasted. so lets all hope my blog doesn't go all dead again. lol.

and i absolutely love going to zoo's. when i see all the animals i'm super happy!
this was during our trip to Taiping Zoo!

it was kinda bad. the place wasn't well kept and the animals all looked so dead. lol.

that is janice because she wasn't able to follow us. HAHA!

sat on this for a whole round before we started walking ourselves :)

as usual self timer is the best :)

and it was SO HOT!! 

and next was Singapore Zoo! it is a MUST visit when you're down in singapore people!

i really enjoyed myself there with the pigs!
  (excluding Jan & Yee cause they went shopping instead. faint* lol)

we so excited we got our maps yo! :D

and the animals were so nice! :D

the King Of The Jungle! ROAR*

white horse :)

and i really truly LOVE to see crocodiles. they're so awesome! 

and then is started to rain :( we didn't get to see any elephant show. SOBS*

and because it was raining, we put plastic bags over our head cause we didn't wanna buy raincoat or umbrella and we LOL-ed like mad. even the ang mor laughed as well. hahaha. good times! :)

look like ALIEN! HAHAH

 the cool UV light room :)

so yes, more ZOO trips to come! :D

and today i took my flu vaccination :) FOC from the uni. it did hurt a bit!

thanks for bearing with me with all my posts. HAHA!

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