Thursday, March 09, 2006


ahhhh... i just can't understand y some ppl are like dat har?????????? y did god even have to put this kind of ppl in my life!!!
y can they just tell u things straigHt to u but have to go n tell some other ppl like ur best fwen!! my gosH!!! luckily she understands how i feel...
y do they act so childish when they are know they are older than me!!! n not younger... but older... my gosh... y did i even know him!! it waz such a big big big big big MISTAKE!
n who does he think i am?!! his messanger?? y can he just ask her his ownself!! argHH!! ppl dun wan to talk to u.. dun force ppl la.. summore keep calling n calling n calling!! den off my phone pula get angry with her!!!! where got ppl like dat one? isH..
i've tried forgiving him.. but i just can't... i will forgive him 4 awhile den after dat.. he gets on my nerves again!!!
summore he dare to compare me with him to my best fwen!!! so nonsense la him... arGhh...
gOD pleeze help me n also him!!!!!! dat i will learn how to forgive him n dat he will stop irritating me!!!!

i need A hUG!!!!! :( n loads of prayers!!

-- well have to try my bestest to learn how to forgive him --
::: nIcOle :::

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