Saturday, March 04, 2006


ahahaha.. on sunday after thinking day i went to cut hair n da guy went to straighten my hair 4 me.. ;) but temperary one la.. so as u can c now.. it's gone.. kekekeke..

thinking day wasn't dat bad la.. i had expected worse.. after dat went to walk walk in prangin with zhu lian n my seniors.. den v all keep on singing "hey hey hey it's thinking day" haha..

at night went to CCOP 4 da revival thingy dat waz held in central on wed.. but unfortunatly i was in my PJ's d.. so i din go down.. it waz gr8!!

wow this week has been really tiring!! study study n study.. y?? cuz exam's are on monday!! oh no.. :(
on tuesday had to come back to school at 4 cuz had running prac... den wed sukan tara!! thurs. go back again.. my leg pain d la.. everyday run run run.. n sports day is onli on 31 MarCH!!

oh ya heard bout da sat night extended worship.. really excited bout it..
n this wHOle month of maRCh is wat??? PRAYER montH!! so guys remember to do ur devotions n pRAy!!
remember too seek god n always put him first!! never even lose dat relationship u have with him! n never ever try to be FAR away from him.. turst me.. dat's wat happend to me last time.. n u can really feel dat ur empty inside..

like i said last time.. everybody needs pRAyer!! in everything.. remember to put god first!!
take care ppl.. ;)
god bless n luv ya!

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