Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AYC 06' - De'Caf

YOuth CaMp was Gr8!!!!! :) so my post is gonna be Loooongggggg! hehehe.. n this year's AYc was again in Swiss Inn-SP! n d theme was "De'Caf".. got 4 groups nia this year so sad..
MOCHA - Me & Lee Kit
AMERICANO - Vivian & David
ESPRESSO - Hannah & Thaddeuse
CAPPUCINO - Joyce & Jim

this year summore had to sleep same room with Camp staff-WAn Ling. but she's really nice la! she helped my group n me out in so so so so many things. tHank so much. she even baked for us cup cakes n gave us oreo's n sunflower seeds. hahahaha.. so yummy. well slept in d same room with Beverly n Tania. well it was sort of fun. hahahaha..
for more pictures pls go visit vivian's blog

- On D Way There -
sat with hannah on d bus. it was fun cuz v had eunice lee.. but it was rather quiet tho. so funny la. me n hannah were so tired until v fell asleep on each other. sharon took a pic of us. it's with her..

den when v reached there i straight went to d toilet. kenot tahan d k.. hahahaha.. ice breaker was so funny la. find ppl's shoe. nonsnese la. den unpack n went down for LUNCH! so hungry. after lunch i went back up n wanted to sleep. since it was siesta n free time. so ma sleep lo. n i did.. n when i woke up. i was SHOCKED! to see so many ppl in my room n of all things looking at me sleeping. hahahaha.. siau siau one la u all. i sleep also wanna c.
PASTOR T.T QUAH is such a FUN n GR8 speaker la!!!! so nice. i didn't get sleepy or bored while hearing his msg's one k. at night got no time to eat supper. den went to sleep. sowi for those who called my room yea. hehehe..
oh yea. today v had to DRESS in FLOWER PANTS & a CARTOON SHIRT for girls n guys pula PINK TOP & 2 COLOURED PANTS. hahahaha.. i realise guys are colour blind. ask them wear pink they wear red. hahahaha..

today woke up so "early" hahahaha.. actually justin called me at 5 smth one.. but i didn't even hear d phone ring. hahaha.. so wan ling answered d phone. den she woke me up say got ppl call u get up d. i wan like "huh?! oh ok ok" den i went back to sleep cuz it was only 5 smth!! aiyo. den 6 he call again. d phone so irritating k. i summore sleep beside d phone. wanna ki siau d. heard it ring so many times. i think he called my room about 3times. hahahaha.. but i kenot wake up. i keep on saying " ya ya ya. i noe i noe" but still went back to sleep. den summore michele n ming yen called.but i din wake up until beverly came n tell me "eh NICOLE!!! 6.45 d la!!!!!" i was like "huh?! wad. 6.45 d ah!!!!" n i faster ran into d bathroom. hahaha..
den had physical jerk. bla bla bla. all that la. bible quiz/sword drill, lunch, siesta den creative workshop. v had to do a magazine this year.. aiyoyoyo. ish. den after dat tim for GAMES!!! :) today v had to draw d paper to c who was where. so americano n mocha played d hall games today n cappucino n espresso played d pool game.

it was so siau la being blind folded!! my eyes were so itchy.. but can c one through d blind fold a bit a bit la. den summore u all ish. keep hitting my head nia. ish ish. especially Daniel Tan!! i can still c u, u noe.. hahahaha.. den *ta da* time to go in d dark place. so funny la. i summore standing behind lee kit n in fron of ming yen n she was holding me to tightly. hahahaha.. d hall game was a maze la. n joshua tan were our eye's.. hahaha.. so funny la. v sesat jalan 3 times i think. :) den after when v got out v had to remember d bible verse den josh had to find d words to make up d bible verse. so funny la. all of us trying to remember it. hahaha.. :)

after dat when finished playing v all went down to see d pool game. but they also were finish but lazing around in d pool. thank so much joyce lim for getting me wet. ish ish. den went up to bathe n came down for dinner.. kelvin's mom bought cake. so much to eat k!!! even got left over n i had to hold d box. hahaha.. so heavy. n miss hannah wong loved it. she kept eating nia
*my lil bro n me*

*"siau leaders" my ee!*

at night after d service v all group leaders n camp staff summore gotta stay back. ish ish. v taut finish early today get to eat supper n talk mana tau they all talk talk talk until 11 smth n it was lights off d. so went back to d room n EAT n den only sleep. haha.. :)

today was d day dat i couldn't wake up. hahahaha. aiya everyday i also kenot wake up one la. but today pula gerald called me. i again "har har ya ya ya.. wake up d wake up d" hahaha.. but tipu one la.. hahaha.. so after bathing went down morning watch, breakfast, serivce den Bible Quiz!! today for bibilr Quiz v played station games.

- Gary & Eunice Lee's station -
dunno wad la d name. but it was so so so GELI K!!!! yucksss... cuz v all d first group there it was so funny v had to use d spoon n scoop up d water n den d next person take d straw n suck d water up from d spoon. hahaha.. me n michele were so funny k. get nothing one. hahahaha.. but it was really so hard. so they decided to change d spoon into straws. which is even more "geli-er!!" ewwwwww... so funny. i dunno how josh n justin were doing it. hahaha.. michele n me so funny la.. hahaha.. summore i keep spilling d water all over her.. hahaha.. yucks!! terrible. make us do this. hahaha..

- Judson's station -
say d books of d bible in order. hahahaha.. so funny la all of us trying to remember. but v got it la. :)

- Wan Ling's station -
she gave us a bible verse but all of us had to say it.. hahahaha.. it was fun la. at least i noe my group can co-operate.

- Jack's station -
i noe this station is called holey straws. hahahaha.. i'm so gonna VOMite d after drinking so so so so so much water. i think plus d air also k. cuz of d holes. ish ish.. i think my straw was so easy to suck d water!!!! i dunno y la. but after i drak 2 cups i saw ming yen n she half cup also not yet finish yet.. hahahahaha.. so funny la. summore keep shouting for them. really so full after drinking all d water. hahahaha..

- Joshua Tan's station -
guess d names of d bible character.. daniel was trying to do samuel. den dunno wad was he trying to do. v all were like huh?!?!?! mana tau he was trying to do a big man beside him dat was his dad with d name samuel. cuz his dad's name was samuel wad.. hahahahah.. so funny la.

ok ok den v all had to complete d puzzle thing la. n v all so silly!! din ask rebecca ow for d last clue. ish-ness! hahaha.. but remember it's all bout fun ni.. my group ppl say d. jus remember to have fun.. n v did la.. hahahaha.. after dat went for lunch den siesta!!! how nice!! i so so so LOVE SIESTA!! everytime i for sure sleep one. den after dat kenot wake up.. hahaha.. summore today james came n gave me his shirt.. hahaha.. so nice. :) den went down for creative workshop. had to do everything d all that la.. so sien!!! den time for GAMES!!!! yay. today v all get to play pool games d.. hahahaha..

1st : rae khoo gave a list of wad to collect n all that la.. so v must dive in d pool n get d coins. but got a lot in d pool.. it was so tiring k.. hahahaha.. i wan to die d. swim swim swim.. hahaha.. :P

2nd : v had to build a raft using floats.. hahaahhaha.. n ish our rafia string got caught up. took so long just to untie it.. den rae came n cut it. easier. den ma tie d lo. n so funny k!!!! me, michele n kahi shin were trying to sit on top of it.. hahahahaha.. it was so fun la!!! :) den after v reached next was justin, eugene n tania.. hahahaha.. they took so so long to get up. den when reached there dan, caleb n josh.

but den it was going to rain d. ISH!!! so sad. so all of us had to get up d.. geram. so v went up to our rooms n BATHE!! so nice.. after dat i went michele's room n talk talk talk n try her pants!! mana tau i can wear.. hahahaha.. so i wore it la. so nice. look la at us vain pots.

den went down to eat dinner.. ministry time was so gr8!! i really really seriously felt god moving dat night. i dunno how to say la.. but it's so nice!! i hope everybody experienced god d la!!! :) n isaac n his FELALI! i dunno which night was it la.. hehehe..

*2 girls n a guy!! JENNY!! pink siuts u.. hahaha..*

*GIP - gal's in pink. hahaha.. last time one was GIA - girls in yellow during banana night :)*

oh after service had so much time left so v went to eat supper!! it was so so so FUN k!! all of us it outside van's room along d hallway talking so loud n eating!!!! SUPPER WAS SO FUN!! hahahaha.. den went back n sleep d. so tired. i mean after talking on d phone. hahaha.. :)

today i dunno how in d world did i wake up. i think today d girls were late for physical jerk! hahahaha.. dunno la kenot remember d la.. so as usual everything again. morning watch , breakfast , service , bible quiz/sword dril, lunch , siesta [ n today ah!!! i din sleep at all k. ish-nees. dun wan say y also la.. hahahaha..] den went down for d :

- CREATIVE WORKSHOP!! - had to finish everything by today ma.. aisheh aisheh look at my group bz doing eveything.. hahaha..

but sowi dun blame me for being so vain! vivian came with d camera n it was calling my name.. hahahaha.. so i had to go.. for awhile. can even c daniel n tania behind there..

after finish v all presented our magazine. while watching other groups present this is wad v do! BERVAIN-VAIN!! hannah ran away from her group to come n vain with us. hahahahaha terrible hannah. :) i've figure out dat ephraim ppl are very vain!! kekekeke.. *wink wink*

after finish d workshop change clothes den time to play GAMES!! again.. i love to play games.. hehehehe..

they split our groups up.. so it was cappucino & mocha n americano & espresso.. n summore our 2 groups berpakat got strategi. hahahaha.. so funny la. so after v played for a while den they stoped d game cuz nobody was trying to get d flag but instead hit ppl.. hahahaha.. so funny la. n if u get hit with d flour or water balloon have to go into d wad i call "toture chamber!!" HELP ME!! n thanks to gerald who hit me. i had to go in there n suffer!! YUCKS!!! first must roll d dice den i ma got no1 n guess wad it was. d pink pink stuff!! *vomite* actually at first i din noe wad it was k. n i dunno who go n tell me it was pigs liver. i was like wad?!?!?!?! summore got egg one k. mana tau it's just century egg with pink dye. but it was so so so disgusting!!! TERRIBLE LA U ALL!!! ish... den after dat play play play. cappucino-isaac capture americano's flag. hehehe.. so ma d whole team out d lo. left espresso. but den this time kenot pakat d. but den u noe la they all so good.. hahahahaha.. let our group get espresso's flag. but while playing i dunno who hit me n i have to go jail again. OMG!! swt swt. eat again. yucks.. n i so wanted to go no 5 cuz it was M&M! but manatau no 3!!! i had to eat GARLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCKSSSSSSS!!!! 1 one thing k.. it was so *bluek* can die i tell u eat it. n i drank 1 whole bottel of water myself.. hhahaha.. n d taste of garlic stayed in my mouth until supper. ewwww!!! SWT!!
den after dat v all played with cappucino. but mana v all lost.. hahaha.. kesian ivy alone there had to defend d flag. kekeke.. it was fun la.. hahahaha.. xcept d toture chamber! ish-ness!
after dat was so fun everybody played with d water balloons n flour. hahahaha.. den time to BATHE!!!!!! after i came out felt so CLEAN! hahaha..

after went to eat dinner den service started. den got extended wroship summore!! it was so so so NICE la!!! rite hannah?! it was SO FUN!! hehehe.. GIVE THANKS TO GOD FOR EVERYTHING!!! :) so they extended today's lights off until 12.. hahaha.. n again v got reunion.. hahahhahaha.. outside van's room again! hahahaha..

*sarah darling! me. vivian mei. - i'm so gonna miss my darling!!!*

* oh no!!! my ee has already become so VAIN i tell u!*

* tim! u are so vain la!!!!!*

* me n my niece! hahaha.. joyce's daughter ma. :)*

wow u wouldn't have guess how many pictures v took dat night.
from outside :
*Charis Ow Phui Yan : Vivian Chee Hui En : Nicole Tan Gek-Len

to d inside long mirror! :

to d dressing room mirror :

- my SISTA! -
me n vivian took a few vain pictures of ourselves too cuz gary was calling charis d. ish.. hehehe.. love u mei!! :) oreef FAN! i think she wore oreef clothes during d whole camp k.. hahaha..

- GALS!!!!! -
*n now pula v run into d toilet.. hahaha.. but dunno where is charis d. so hannah came instead*

*n obviously michele d vain pot mummy also came la. haha..*

* mei.jie/daughter.mummy*

*oh yea n not forgetting a guy too. hahahaha.. not only gals.*

after dat went back to sleep. but first on d way met with hui jen. took pictures with his phone. den he asked me n michele whether wanted to eat anything not. because they all were going out to eat mamak. hehehe.. but then so late d by d time they came back. so ma no need d lo. :) summore tonite so FUN!! slept with michele. but den first first talked to isaac den went to change n my phone kept ringing. so geram k. until i pulled out d phone line. hahaha.. den went to brush teeth change all that.. den wait for ahile. cuz i could heard a.guek chan's voice. so i dun dare go out.. hahahaha.. after she go d faster ran into michele's room. it's so fun la sleeping with her!!!! :) so many things to talk about. after dat while i was talking on d phone michele went out to talk with isaac. n after dat dunno y suddenly michele ran in.. hahaha.. i was like "huh?! wad happen" cuz they heard somebody calling isaac's name.. ahahaha.. manatau it was only joshua tan prai la.. but v so scared he cut our marks. but den instead he came n talk with us. n i so geram my ear so hot i took out d phone line again.. muahahahaha..
so v sit outside d hallway talking.. hahaha.. n he is so funny la i tell u!! he took d chair out cuz he dun wan to sit on d floor cause dirty. summore bring out all d junkfood. me n michele was like "kenot kenot!! mus resist temptation" cuz v all brush teeth d ma. mana tau i kenot tahan k. so hungry n geram seeing them eat. haha.. den after dat michele also kenot tahan.. hahaha.. say only la v all.. den after dat JACk n Jud came back. so ma v talk n talk n talk. i din no talking to seniors could be so FUN too! hahaha.. summore v talked until 2.30a.m.
den v all really kenot tahan d n went to SLEEP!! lights off for us.

thank god no pysical jerk today. hahahaha.. n thank god i put back d phone line last night. hahahaha.. or not v no need wake up d today morning. cuz tim called my room at 6.45 n told michele dat it was 7.25 d. summore can hear michele saying "don't lie ah don't lie ah!!" den when v saw d watch OMG! it's really 7.25. hahaha.. summore ming yen sleep beside d phone dun wan to answer. so irritating k.. den morning i can hear michele asking me to go in cuz she was falling off her bed.. hahaha.. my whole group was late for morning watch. hahaha.. so funny. den had breakfast.
today's prayer all GROUP combine.. :)
den testimony time n give d prize all.. first was. cappucina , espresso , americano n den mocha.. hahahaha.. den leaved d hotel. SARAH n SAMUEL i'm so gonna miss ya'll!!
*group picture*

den v left!! our BUS was so so so so so NOISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aiyoyoyo. got music summore n as usual v vain pots keep taking pictures nia.hahahahaha. but d other bus was quiet.. dat's wad i heard from joyce.. hehehe..
*"v were ment to take pictures together" gal!! so long d i never take with her. love u VAN!*

*my nephew justin n me!*

*n this is my niece pula.. hahaha.. nosiy SHARON! best camper summore. aisheh. hehe.. proud of u gal!*

*this is my EE!!!! i love her too!! she's so FUN la!! summore keep sleeping nia v all 2. hahaha.. especially on d way there*

*south-zoners! HUGS*

*GIB - Gals in BLACK! hahaha..*

*n finally d vain pots!! daniel u should be lucky. so many girls. hahahaha..*

all in all CAMP WAS FUN!!! 5 days PASSED SO SO SO FAST!! ish.. den my mom took me n van home.. but first went to eat BANANA leaf! yummy rite van? hahahaha..
den came home n SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!


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