Thursday, December 21, 2006

my days!!!

i think i'm going to offically go mad d. i keep going out nia k this few days. it's so tiring!!! n i haven't gotten enough SLEEP yet.. hahahaha..
oh yea. *ta da* our magazine. :) i only LOVE our front cover. cuz it's so nice.. hahahaha.. :) n there are d other group mag's too.

lets talk bout my days.. muahahahahaha.. dun fall a sleep u noe while reading!! :)


today was so tiring!!!! i mean seriously. hahaha.. me n my sista went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! 4 1/2 hours walking n carrying d heavy bags. *where are d guys when u need them to carry ur shopping things* hahahaha.. :) n yea v can become pro's in buying GUYS clothes d.. d aunty from that store for sure love us one yan?! v bought at least 9 things from there k! GUYS be lucky to have me n yan as ur fwens. ur prezzies are so nice!! n GALS too!!! i lvoe all ur prezzies i wish i could keep them for myself.. hahahaha.. but remember "it's d season of "giving n not recieving" dat is wad me n yan kept saying after buying every present.. hahaha.. so funny la. den went over to coffee bean to sit down n calculate money. so tiring! aihhh..

oh yea n after i came home n wanted to fall a sleep d. my phone starts ringing. n it was james? i was like huh?! y james suddenly call me one.. den mana tau he ask me wanna go to PESTA not. so ma go lo. it was so funny la. being around 4 guys. [James,Josh, Jeremy n Felix]. haha. so first they all went to eat.. den me,jame n felix sat on d ferries wheel. hahaha.. so funny la. felix was scared of height summore but wanna stand up n c. after dat sat with james n d bumper car while felix drived alone. it was so pain la. getting bumped by ppl. summore no seatbelt one this one. so scarry man. hahaha.. after dat this felix la dun wan to sit d top gun so me n my bro sat on it. hahaha.. u can go read james blog about it la. i lz wana explain d la. i dunno wad eerybody was screaming about k. me n james were jus talking up there.. den went to sit dunno wad la. den after came down josh n felix felt BAD! n threw up. i dunno la.. den they came back to my place n ate my char koay teow! hahaha.. n felix is so SCARED of mr.toby tan. hahaha..


i couldnt wake up today. i was suppose to go fetch hannah at 11. but actually i woke up d one.. hahahaha.. n as usual fell back aSLEEP! n i woke up at 11.45 den i was like "OMG! FASTER CALL HANNAH!!!" i was so saced she was waiting for me since 11. summore got 3 misscalls from her.. hahaha.. so v went to tesco first n buy christmas hats for saturday. those helping out got christmas hats to wear.. hahaha.. den bought d. went to fetch michele n off to GURNEy v went. *again for me* n i was suppose to go buy d remainding christmas presents but instead i ended up going christmas shopping for MYSELF! aiyoyo. thx to michele la. really like mother like daughter i tell u.. hahaha.. so reached there d 3 of us went to eat SUSHI KING! hahahaha.. since michele had sushi king card ma. so walk walk walk went into P&co n v stayed there for a very long time. trying so so many clothes. den met up with joyce n oh yea i bought 2 shirts , earings & a pair of slippers. HAPPY! :) so v practically walked n talked d whole day. n michele new BLACK heels are so NICE! love them.


yan came to mua hosue to wrap prezzies!! 2 1/2 hours n v are done. wow thaht was so long.. hahaha.. but v talk n talk n talk also la. dat's y so long.. hahaha.. n den at night went to Yi Wen's house for BBQ PARTY - well it was a christmas party la.. haha. well i did have fun playing all d "Thinking" games. it's fun la when u can guess it. but it's so not fun d when u kenot guess it n everybody already noe's it.. hahaha.. ish ish. yi wen's dog Chubby is so cute la.


ok ok. today i WOKE up so super duper late. hahaha.. cuz jocelyn came to fetch me for badminton today ma. n she was suppose to come at 8.45 but 9.10 only reached n i only got up at 9.10 when she called. so pai seh man! let her grandma wait for me. * i'm so so so sori girl!!* den went to d place. so funny la. jocelyn's grandma missed d turing 2 times. hahaha. but when v reached there it wasn't even open yet. i mean d person dun wan to open d lights for us yet. how to play in d dark?! so v went to d playground n "exercise" hahaha.. n finally v can play d. omg! so tiring k. since i last played.. but it so so so FUN!

den after dat come home bathe, eat lunch den took hannah to tesco n buy d snow spray den picked up sam n off to gurney v went. :) AGAIN!! SWT SWT. met yan there n den v went to watch show. hannah la. dunno v chin chai pick 1 show n watch one "wise guy never die" dunno wad nonsense show it was la. n it was in cant. so funny la. got 1 part ah so "Scarry" v all girls shouted! hahaha.. so pai seh k. summore all same time one. :) den after dat met up with tim n saw josh they all la. so followed tim to go eat his MCD. n v kept refilling d coke nia.. hahaha.. den walk walk after dat went to eat our dinner. IPOH STREET again. hahaha.. dat's all la. i lz wanna type d.

*my group! - MOCHA! thx so much guys n girls.
sitting : JUstin : Jeremy Kuan : Khai Shin : Daniel : EUjeen : Lee Kit : Aunty Maurine : Pastor T.T Quah
standing : Beverly : Josh : Caleb : Jesher : Michele : ME : Ming YEn : Tania : Ivy*

* me n caleb during creative workshop!

oh yea ppl. remember on 23 DEcember 2006
dress code : ALL WHITE!

u so better make sure there is white on u. or else.. muahahahahahaha! cuz it's gonna be a white christmas this year!! i'm loving it. :) cya guys!

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