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Doha Asian Games - Team Event Finals

i'm so loving BADMINTON!!!

5.12.2006 - jocelyn's came to my house to sleepover beacuse there was d Team Events-FInals ma.. so fun la k. she came around 7 smth den v eat our dinner n on9!! cuz badminton only starter at 9.00 p.m ma.. actually ah it suppose to be starting only at 2.30 a.m d next morning.. thanx god d astro shift it earlier.. cuz d game lasted until 2.30!! means 5 hours of badminton.. n v stayed in front of d tv for 5 hrs. n imagine if it was at 2.30 a.m v all 8.0o a.m only will be sleeping. hahahahaha.. ok ok enough of crapping.. n shall become a reporter now. miss tan on duty!! hahahaha..

Women's Team Event - Finals
China vs Japan

1st Singles - Zhang Ning vs Kaori Mori
[wad funny's names japan players have. hahaha]

u noe wad i din even c all d women's games. cuz it was d other court n d men's one was on tv court.. but den Zhang Ning totally won her flat la k. d score was 21-15 : 21-13. swt. well this wil be Zhang Ning's last asian games.. but after dat d next time she will come back as a COACH! well she is already coaching Xie Xingfang.. but den now i dunno who to support for d single's event. if they 2 go into d finals. i wan XXF to win but i also wan ZN to win.. aihhh.. v shall c la.. :)

1st Doubles - Zhang Jiewen & Yang Wei vs Kumiko Oqura & Reiko Shiota

obviosuly China won. china girls are so good k!!! they won straight 3-0 against japan. d score is 21-8 : 21-15!! sowi i kenot find pictures of them. but Zhang Jiewen is d one beside Zhang Ning holding d medal n beside her is YAng Wei i think. hahahaha..

2nd Singles - Xie Xingfang vs Eriko Hirose

she won!! yea yea. 21-12 : 21-15. memang no fight la all d chn girls. she is so pweedy la!!!! she need's to go n consoule her boyfriend. cuz he lost. so sad.. aihhhh.. nvm but chn still won. hahahaha.. she was so blur k when taking her prize. when they gave out d flowers.. ppl not yet give Yang Wei yet but she already wanna take her flowers.. hahahaha.. so funny. then they all laugh on d platform. :)

omg so long u noe me n jocelyn waited infront of d tv for d prize giving ceremony!!! SWT!!! summore they give d present so so so slow. ish ish.. Zhang ning's smile is so sweet la!!
1st - China
2nd - Japan
3rd - Korea & Singapore
[ i think it was korea]
even Singapore can get 3rd. malaysia so lau beh la k!!!

Men's Team Event - Finals
China vs Korea

[ this whole game was really chi kek k!!!!]
me n jocelyn kept screaming only + my maid. hahahaha.. nosiy house. dey summore played until 3-2. notlike d girls 3-0 nia. easy match.

1st Singles - Lin Dan vs Lee Hyun-il

i wanted to cry k during this game.. :'( sob sob. it was really really really so so so SAD!!!!!!! d first match d he lost. but den it's so usual d la. to c him loose 1 first set.. d score was 20-22 : 21-11 : 13-21 !!! aaahhhhh.. n as u can c.. he got his formation back n started playing much much better in d 2 set. but den ah. d 3rd set i really wanted to kill him d!! dunno wad was he playing.. summore his finger got cut den he had to wear plaster. so kesian.. n he fell down k. 2 times summore while hitting d ball.. ouchhh.. he was so so so sad k!!! to know dat he didn't win. n summore he played d opening match.. well but i have faith in him dat he will win d SIngle's Title!!!!! :)

1st Singles - Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng vs Lee Yong-dae & Jung Jae-sung

this match was hhmmm.. nice!!!! at first chn was loosing k. but den me n jocelyn shouted until like mad ppl den they started checking korea n finally won!! muahahahahaha.. 21-19 : 21-14. gd gd.. i love this double's pair. eh world no 1 k. dun play play. but now they always seem to loose to d stupid kiddo n dunno who la. from indo! ish ish. oh yea n when they won fu was so so blur!! hahahaha.. as u can c d 2nd pic. only cai yun was jumping. hahaha n mr fu was so blur.. didn't know dat they won. hahahaha..

2nd Singles - Chen Jin vs Park Sung-hwan

i really dun like dun like dun like d korean guy. so damn action man!!! wah. beh tahan nia c his stupid face.. when he lose or miss ah will make his stupid face d. den dunno wad la he shouting at. sick one errr!!! hahahahahaha..
wow. this match lasted for so long i was so so so scared cuz they went to rubber set k.. 18-21 : 21-6 : 21-11.. of chen jin lost this match ah!!! i'm serious dat chn for sure loose d one. cuz d 2nd double's for sure kenot win one. hahahahaha.. to me la.. c i so bad.

2nd Doubles - Zheng Bo & Guo Zhendong vs Lee Jia-jin & Huang Ji-man

ok ok. they were not as bad as i had expected k. hahaha.. i had xpected them to loose straight sets. hahahahah.. but they won 1 set. but stil lost la.. 17-21 : 21-12 :14-21..

3rd Singles - Bao Chunlai vs Shon Seung-mo

this game was scarry at first. cuz it was d deciding game to c wheter china or korea win's.. summore jocelyn's "husband" playing.. hahahaha. she was so so so FOCUSED on d game. call her to move back also dun wan to listen. hahaha.. this games was so so so easy. u should have seen d korean's face k. so kesian.. 21-9 : 21-8

so in d end *drumroll* CHINA was d Winner!!!! muahahahahahahahhahaha..
c thier picture so nice. hahahaha..

1st - China
2nd - Korea
3rd - Indonesia n Malaysia
[ not bad not bad.. they all summore so funny k our malaysian team. they stand from tall-short.. ahahahaha ]

ok ok.. dat's all bout my report. miss tan signing off duty now. OFF!

but dun worry i will write more after d single's event finishes. hahahahahahahaha..

GERALD SOON! u owe me coffee bean ice blended choc.. muahahahaha.. :)

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