Monday, December 04, 2006

wad a day..

yan's masterpiece. :)
oh well yesterday [sunday] was an interesting day. hahaha.. in d morning went to church lo. n i was so so so SLEEPY k. n summore church looks so christmasy.. dat made me even more sleepier. but i tahan n tried to stay awake! after church went home n eat my lunch. my dad n mom were so BZ today cuz they were leaving today but not yet finish packing everything. n my mom so "ai sui" go n do her hair summore. aiyoyo. den i say "mummy ah? when u sit in d plane n sleep ah. ur hair also gonna get messy d k" hehe.. mothers! haih. den after dat i went to bathe n waited for justin to come n fetch me to joyce's hse. n d funny part was in joyce hse. hahaha.. u noe wad never trust samuel for direction or justin. hahaha.. when v reached there v all dunno wad florr joyce live n summore dey all dun wan to call joyce n ask. so ma i taut she stay in 4th floor so v went up. den i remember come out d life mus turn left one. so ma v walk lo. den they all guys ah. wan to supprise ppl but talk so loud!! n suddenly while walking there was somebody lookin at us from his door. so scarry i tell u. haha.. luckily i didn't scream.. so ma v walk till d end n mana tau nobody live in dat house one. hahaha.. so justin say r u sre it's here?! not 2nd floor meh? den v keep telling him it's pastor cowan's hse la. not joyce!! so mr smarty pants, samuel took us one whole BIG round. u noe how long v stayed on d 4th floor looking for joyce. hahaha.. den i kenot tahan i shouted "joyce where r u?!" den suddenly v heard joyce voice "i'm on 5th FLOOR la" hahahahaha.. stupid make us walk 1 whole big round on d 4th floor. hahahaha.. den went inside her hse n supprised jud!

swt. den after dat gotta go down again. den jud took us to gurney. jud ur a mad driver. joyce i dunno how u can sit in dat car. hahahaha.. next time pray b4 sitting in his car. kekekeke.. :) but thanks for ur transport!! after dat he droped us at gurney. den reach there dunno wad to do. d only words dat cam out from our mouth was "stupid ass , shaddup , wadever , nonsense la" hahahaha.. copy all my words one u all. so after dat went to find daniel tan. omg going out with them was.. hhmmm. intersting.. hahaha.. so after dat went to buy reload card for yan send her d number n i threw away d card d la. den me n joyce went shopping for mich. present. omg BODY SHOP is so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! me n joyce stayed inside d shop for so long. testing this testing that.. mummy! i wan body shop things for christmas present!!! last year d i got my lotion. hahaha.. this year i shall go choose. den after dat yan sms-ed me said dat d reload number i sent to her was an invalied voucher number wadever la.. i was like "WAD?!?!?!" omg i threw d card away d. hahahahaha.. n daniel tan so good go n picked up d card form d rubbish bin. well u don wan to noe wad's inside. yuckssssss. i'm going to vomit. n i so smart summore touch d realod card.
p/s : sowi justin n daniel!!! :)
so faster ran to d toilet n wash HAnd!!! yuckssss.. den again v dunno where wan 2 go. so me n joyce decided to play "hide n seek" hahahahaa.. i summore having daneil's phone n running away. den sam called us ask us where r v. u noe wad joyce said. v are lost. hahahaha. nonsense la she. den v were looking for them. well for justin's GREEN shirt. cuz it was d only obvious thing. den after day dey said dey were going to Mc'd. so went to meet up with them lo. hahaha.. n v all practically ate all of justin's french fries. he only ate 2. hahahaha.. n got mc'egg story summore. haih. i so lz wanna tell d la. :)

after dat daniel's father came n took us home. after droping me droped al of them at joyce place. cuz they were going to kulim wid pstor. i came home n feel asleep!! hahahaha.. so tired. slept until 9.30 den only got up for dinner. n slept at 4 yesterday. so sleepy now.

i dunno y but i like this picture?! it's so nice. so Green! during last year's ocov.
on yea there are so many things comming up!!!!! [ i mean for this week]

5.12.06 - my fwen's comin to sleepover!!!
6.12.06 - going Queensbay wid Leroy,Yan n Daniel [Bro, sister outing :)]
- Dance Practice
- Sleepover at Yan's place
7.12.06 - Fast & Prayer at A.Phaik Lean's place

i'm so bz i couldnt even watch my BADMINTON!!! ish ish ish.

n YOTUH CAMP is comin up too.. can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

n i'm also very confused now!!! haih. God's pls pls pls help me. i wan too but i dun wan too.. my feeling's are so mixed up now.

currently feeling : confused
n i feel like eating SUSHI!!!! i have no idea y. but i jus suddenly feel like eating it. oh yea n my ICE BLENDED CHOC for coffee bean!!! i'm missin it so much..
u-dia!! bake for me apple crumble too. hehehehe..

i need to start my CHRISTMAS shopping.
- remember ppl it's d time of giving n not receiving!!! -

take care all.

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