Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 2007

hey everybody. first of all


i hope 2007 will be a better year than 2006!!! i really really hope so. well form 4 life. i'm ready for it. yet everybody's gonna become older. hahaha. let see how my SWEET 16 goes. :) well tomorrow also school starting d. n as for d kedah ppl school has already started today. hehehe. i'm sure GOD has lots of things installed for us this year.

*my darling, me n my mei* - jus a few random pics i decided to post up.

well december has been FUn n tiring at d same time. n i love last weeks dance prac!! t was so much fun le. now can't wait for OCOV!! remember to come yea. n this year's new years party was sort of fun. i guess..
well on 31st went to church in d morning. den went to buy my bro's new phone. UNFAIR-ness!! :P well i better be thankfull for wad i have. now i can spam his new phone! muahahahaha.. after dropping my mom at work went to fetch yan from her hse. den james came to my house while felix went back home to shower. n while waiting i so geram so i also went to shower la.. den when i came into d room!!! i saw felix sitting on my bed. i was like who is dat?! because mr. smarty pants didn't have his keys. ish. so after dat felix droped us at baskin robins at prima tanjung. but d line was so LONG! so v lz to eat den waled to coffee bean in island. den walk walk walk. bla bla bla. ate KFC! hahaha.. [ d JYR ppl have funny memories of KFC. :) ]

* me n yan in gurney while waiting for d guys. *

so after dat nobody got car d ma. so v WALKED all d way to CROWN JEWEL!!! aihhh.. let me tell u our journey. hahahahaha..

Baskin Robins -> Coffee Bean -> Vivian's house -> 7 11 -> Crown Jewel beach!

so tiring man. luckily it was at night when it was not so hot. hehe.. there was so many ppl at d beach dat night. but when v went there none of d youth's were there yet. so talked with james den vivian came! finally.. n den d rest also came lo. i so LOVE d beach. it's my favourite place. talk talk talk talk talk d whole night long i tell u..

so this year i spent my new year in vivian's house.. den went home n WASH hair. thx to d snow spary. make my hair so hard. ish-ness. den josh n james came talk talk talk. eat eat eat. den went to sleep. poor u-dia. have to sleep with us. hahaha.. but in d end she also lari to ian's room n ian's had to lari upstairs to vivian's room. :) slept at 4 smth. was so tired dat night.

* at yi wen's christmas party *

on 1st of january. omg. it's a new year d. d year of d PIG!! woke up at 10 smth cuz wanted to go Queensbay. so ate with viv's family + thier future sister in law at Kenny Rogers. v ate so much i tell u!!!!! full until kenot full d. but d mission trip was way worse. 7 meals in a day. not forgetting supper. hahaha.. swt. n yan's favourite was a MUFFINS!! she went crazy when she saw it. kekekeke.. after dat went to walk walk d. stupid queensbay man. no signal one. geram only. hahaha.. den after walking went to laze around in coffe bean. den went back to viv's hse den isaac took us out to d BEACH! again.

u can read yan's blog all bout it n vivian's blog for more pictures. tq!

i hope i enjoy my 2007!

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