Thursday, January 04, 2007



2 January 2007!!
* my lil sista n me in queens *
n after that v went to d BEACH!! woohoo.

31 December 2006
New Year's Eve
* lydia . daniel . nicole . hannah in church*
after dat v went to P-A-R-t-Y at d beach. so lovin` it.

30 December 2006
Yan , James n Emily's Birthday
* d birthday gal n mua *
happy being 14. finally!! :)

29 December 2006

JeNny's Birthday
* ju.yan.nic - at d playground! whee~*
b4 that when for dance prac which was FUN!

28 December 2006

PMR Resutls Day , Tim & Imin's Birthday!
watched Night At The Museum
* meet d GALS! *

* imin was on d phone with charlene. hehe.. *

* HUGS~ so long since i've met them - d ex form 3's! :) *

27 December 2006
Jeremy's Birthday
* my new look! w/o bracess * :]
had a hard time sleeping at night!!! kekeke..

26 December 2006
-- No Pictures Available --
today after came back from mission trip SWEATING in d car which was stuffed with 3 hippos behind n with mr. jud driving i came home n eat n straight went to SLEEP!!! :)

25 December 2006
CHRISTMAS DAY!!! woohoo..
* on d way to pengkalan hulu *
omg!! it was so fun in d car i tell u. d 3 of us were really in d christmas spirit. ~la la la. on the first day of christmas my tru love gave to me......... ~ hahaha.. i really pity jud n ps cowan. n d wid was so nice n cooling man!!!! n my n joyce got high cuz she put 5 packets of sugar into her coffee!! siau d man. den v got out fork n knife story. hahaha.. it was funny man. thx for a wonderful christmas gal..

24 December 2006
Christmas Eve & Yan's Christmas Party
well i've talked bout it d. so here are a few more pics which i like
* nicole : look at me i so YENG man!! :)
yan : oooo. wow.
michele : wad ya'll lookin at?!
vivian : huh?!?! wad's going on?!*

* wow! effects. i was trying to punch michele. hahaha.. *

hahaha.. i'm sowi but i can't remember d date d. :)
* me. caleb. josh. yan. all d greenies xcept for yan! n v wore so nice dat day. *

* n den v went for supper! *


yan n uncle philip has more pics..
it was fun! n v all wore so nice dat night. as u can c. hahaha..

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